Q & A

Most valued possession?


"Because they are a gift from God. I feel privileged to be their Mom."

What's your idea of the American Dream?

"My freedom and opportunity to make a good life for me and my family."

My 3 most cherished possessions.

1. Family

2. Phone

3. Jewelry

If I was forced to leave my home , the 3 things I would take would be my cell phone , pictues and jewlery that was given to me by my grandma. The thing I would mourn for the most is my childhood pillow given to me by my grandmother who is no longer here.

Are you living that dream today ? Do enjoy the life you live ?

"Yes! I enjoy the life I'm living. My life would not be the same if my parents would have stayed in my country."

Do you think having money determines if you're living the American Dream?

"Having money is to some extent living "the American Dream" because I live a comfortable life. I'm able to provide my children with a better life than what my parents were able to provide for me and my siblings. Although, having money is not everything it does help live a less stressed life and enjoy life more because you are able to do more."