Vist the many museums


Maryland has many amazing state facts, resources, locations and places to visit. Maryland has lots of history of introductions. I hope you can visit the capital, Annapolis.

Marylands state facts.

Maryland has many amazing facts such as the state fish,the state dog,state sport teams and the state trees. This amazing state fish is called the sheriped bass. Did you know that the state tree is the white oak. Did you know that Marylands state football team is the Ravins. So that is Marylands great state facts.


Maryland has many resources including many livestock. Some Livestocks are blue crab,

oysters and broiler chickens. Livestocks are a resource that Maryland has plenty of. And their are some more Livestocks in Maryland has plenty of. and their are crops and more stuff that Maryland has plenty of.


Maryland has many amazing locations like Maryland is north to New Jersey. Maryland has lots of locations. More locations are Maryland is west from North Carolina and did you know that Maryland borders a large body of water? Maryland has lots of locations, so Maryland has lots of amazing facts.

Fun places to vist

Maryland has fun places to vist as national Aquarium, Assassinate island National seashore and Baltimore museum of art. The Baltimore Musium is located in Baltimore. Assateague Island Natiol Seashore is located in the Atlantic Ocean. The national Aquarium is located in Baltimore as well as Baltimore Musiem of Art. Maryland is amazing when it comes to fun places to vist.


Maryland is an amazing place to visit. I have told you about some state facts, some resources, some locations and Fun places to visit. So I have told you those fun facts. Hope you visit Maryland some day.