Dog Fighting

It Needs To Stop

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Why Dog Fighting Should be Stopped

Dog fighting is cruel and wrong. On average 16,000 dogs are killed in dog fights every year. It is a proven fact that dog attacks are more common, because dogs that are trained for dog fights are taught to fight. Because the dogs are taught to fight then that makes them more aggressive and violent. The two main causes of dog fighting are 1. Greed- People who have dogs that dog fight, get money every time their dog wins a dog fight. and 2. Violence- Some people just enjoy the violence and aggressiveness of dog fighting. We can stop dog fighting in a few ways. One being to see if any of your neighbors are acting in ways that show that they might be training dogs for dog fighting. You can also look for dogs that have scars, scratches, or bruises everywhere and that are changed up. Also, if they have training material such as things like dog treadmills, etc. If we can help with these things, then dog fighting can be stopped. Dog fighting is horrible and painful to the dogs. Even though dog fighting is illegal in the United States, people still do it. If we help to stop dog fighting there will be less dog attacks, less animal abuse, and happier dogs!

Positive Effects of Stopping Dog Fighting:

If dog fighting stops then more dogs will live and find good homes. Stopping dog fighting can stop most aggressive dog behavior. Dog fighting can be very harmful to dogs, but if we stop it then most dog abuse will stop. 50% of dog fighting abuse comes from dog fighting. Results of stopping dog fighting would be less dog abuse, less aggressive dogs, and potentially less times that dogs attack people. Dog fighting dogs are trained to think that fighting is good. So whenever they see someone or something then they attack because that is what they have been trained to do.

Negative Effects of Dog Fighting:

The results of dog fighting are painful, cruel, and sad. The dogs are put in the “ring” to fight, seriously injure, and sometimes even kill each other. Many people bring children to dog fighting events. Which then makes those children think that fighting is good. They can then grow up and live a violent life because they think that kind of stuff is good. This can then lead to many children turning into violent people which would not be good. If we can stop dog fighting then that could take a good amount of bad ideas and influences out of the world.


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