K-12 mLearning

Using Mobile Tech to Aide Learning in English Language Arts

Writing Prompts

This app is a great resource for teachers who are finding it difficult to create writing prompts for assignments, brainstorming or exams. For $1.99 in the Apple Store, teachers gain access to over 600 different writing prompts.

This app also has the potential to help students who are stuck for ideas on how to start a short story or poem.


Toontastic is a great app that allows students to create, imagine and work through creative ideas related to the story arc. This app could be used in a classroom as a way to allow students to 'write' a short story and explore how the story arc works.

Shakespeare (Beta) (Google Play)

Although this app is still in a beta mode, it is an excellent resource for teachers and students alike. Inside this free app, users have access to forty plays, six poems and 154 sonnets written by The Bard. Often textbooks that include this much information can cost upwards of one hundred dollars and weigh several pounds. In a classroom, this would allow for easier access to the text and quick options for cross referencing between various works.

Free Books - 23,469 classics to go (Apple)

Created by Digital Press Publishing, this app does exactly what the title suggests. It provides users with access to thousands of books for FREE. All books are within the public domain, so teachers do not need to worry about violating copyright laws. Other features include speeches, biographies and letters by historical figures.

This could be used in a classroom similarly to the Shakespeare app described above. Students and teachers can use this in lieu of a textbook, allowing schools to save money on new textbooks. This app also allows the user to add in notes, highlight, bookmark and look up terms in the dictionary - all while staying in the same app. It gives all students the functionality of a book that they own while saving the environment and money.

Word Mover (Apple)

Created by the National Council of Teachers of English, Word Mover allows students to create their own poetry, either by altering a pre existing work or creating a new poem. The app looks similar to the word magnets that have been popular for several years. Teachers could use this app as a way to supplement a unit on poetry, including having students look at well known poetry but also writing their own poetry in a fun and dynamic way.
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