Bungalow House

By Mallory Martin


Bungalow houses have a fairly deep porch and wide overhangs. Started in California around 1910 and spread across the country until the 1930's. Bungalow houses originated with huts in India. The colonist then brought the idea over to America, particularly the concept of the front porch and smaller rooms.

Materials and Technology

In the early 1900's thick wood(clapboard most common siding), brick, concrete,nails,plumbing(pipes), and stones were available to use on houses.

Wrap around porches

Today in modern bungalow homes big, open wrap around porches are not as common as they once used to be. Why? In todays world it's not as common for someone to sit outside on a porch and read or embrace the nature outdoors. It's most common for people to be near a location where wi-fi is available to be online or to be out and about doing things not at home all day.