Wiley Wednesday - Renovation Update


If you haven't taken a peek at the 301 St. Mary's Street site over the last few months, you're missing a treat. The Gilbane fencing is up and the crews have been all business to get our project rolling.

Most notably, the cafeteria building was demolished (bye!) and the 1920's building is in the process of being gutted. *If you've never watched a demolition, you should get out and find one right away because it's one of the most fascinating things to witness!

Bids were secured, building permits were obtained, increase in funding was approved ... and we're off to a fabulous start!

This month's pictures will give you an idea of the general changes that have happened on the site, and next month, we'll take you into the 1920's building!

For more district information about the upcoming (Nov 6th) education/capital improvements bond vote and how it relates to our current renovation project, check out this link.

The Wiley Office Staff enjoyed quite an adventure this summer! Memorable, to say the least! We are most grateful for our friends at Underwood GT Magnet ES that hosted us for several weeks!