Sexism Around Teenage Girls.


What Social Action have you Completed so far?

All of my social actions are done in school I chosen to do them at my high school Louise arbor SS because my topic is about Sexism Around Teenage Girls and many teens could relate to sexism. During December I completed two social actions. Firstly, November 30th to 4th December I conducted a survey to support my first social action the SAP fair. The SAP fair was a voltertary action to do for the social action project I decided to do because it looked fun to do and an easy way to get an action done or so I thought. When I finally got the motivation to do the survey I went around the school of the entire lunch time surveying every girl I saw. On December 1st I wanted to survey my history class because that class had many girls in it so it was easy to survey. The survey the question was “put your hand up if you were ever discriminated based on your gender.” Every single girls hand was up that’s when I felt that this topic needed to be addressed. By the 4th of December I gotten all the results that I needed. Did the math and found that 70% of the girls I surveyed said they experience sexism. The next part of this social action was to get an idea of how I’m going to show the results and present/raise awareness about my topic during the SAP Fair. Ideas kept creeping in and out sometimes I thought I should not even do it, that it was to time consuming for me. Then an idea struck me I thought I should dress up as a guy I developed a persona called “Tommy the Sexist Guy.” Tommy would say mean hurtful things teenage girls hear daily for sexism to girls and guys to show them what girls go through when dealing with sexism. After I realized I should make cupcakes because one of the sheets for the SAP fair suggested to make treats, so I used it for my advantage if I make cupcakes more people will show up to my booth and listen to presentation. December 11, 2015 came the day of the SAP fair I felt good and everything went smoothly the cupcakes actually turned out fine, lots of people showed up because of the cupcakes and I think I did a good job on the presentation part. Furthermore, the next week my second action was an awareness board the question on the board was “I’m a girl but…” the girls got to write they are more than a girl they can play sports, be strong or be brave. When walking around the school many of girls wrote on and they felt better and it was getting the message around about Sexism Around Teenage Girls. I felt like I did something right and that this action was really good to do, it makes girls feel more better about them self’s. In conclusion, I actually had a great time doing these actions it got me to connect with others girls in my school outside of my grade. The SAP fair got me to raise awareness about sexism; the awareness board made girls feel strong and powerful about themselves.

What Future Social action are you Planning for the Winter Break or January?

During the first week of January I planned to do my last social action for my topic. The last social action was to do interviews with 3 female teachers at Louise Abrour SS. While the winter break was still going on I pick out the dates for the interviews, I planned to do them on January 4th, 5th and 7th, because I thought that early January will only be the last time both me and the teachers will have time because of exams, assignments and tests. I chose to do the interviews because they can really get out the message by telling true stories of sexism first hand and teenage years, when I do my presentation the students in the class can really see what is happening and think to themselves. The interviews will be set up as anonymous so the teacher who told me the story or experiences name will not be told by me. I will then write out what they said and type it up and read it to the class on my presentation day. Overall, I’m very thrilled that I am almost done and this social action is really good way of telling the students first hand stories and getting the message straight across.

What other Ways can you Think of Creating Social Change?

I could think of many ideas that can create more social change regarding my topic like below.

  • Another social change could be is making a PSA video to raise awareness about Sexism around Teenage Girls.
  • Joining a organization or a club at school that is centered around my topic. There are many organizations that help beat sexism.
  • Ask the office if I can borrow a room for lunch to do a workshop or seminar about my topic I could engage my audience by playing games that center my topic. Also a motivational speech for the audience to feel inspired to create change also.

What Struggles have you Encountered so far? What has been easier/harder than you expected?

While doing this SAP I went through many ups and downs during December regarding the project there were struggles but there were also some easy things to do.

  • One struggle I encountered was staying on track there were times where i slipped on time management were i got so lazy i did not doing anything for a day. I got tons of work during December so when i had a project due i did not seem to finish the SAP.
  • Another struggle was research, during the beginning of the project when i had to find research on my topic it was tough because everything was outdated. It was hard to find resent studies because majority of the research was like for 5 to 10 years ago.
  • There were also easier things like making the awareness board for that task it went smoothly i made it and a lot of people actually wrote something on it. I thought it will flop but turns out i was wrong.
  • The hardest action had to be the survey that was part of the whole action sap fair. This one had to be the hardest because it took awhile for me to do it. It felt like a drag some people very few looked at me weird so i got a lot of funny looks for asking that question even after telling what it is for.

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