JHW Inspire Academy - Rockdale

3rd Six Weeks

Find Joy!

Social Emotional health is important for maintaining balance and finding joy in life. In fact, FINDING JOY is an imperative for our organization. Teachers have a tough job and are responsible for so much, it can be quite stressful at times. Our school district wanted to be be sure our teachers are taking care of themselves and gifted us a wonderful opportunity. After all, happy teachers make for happy students, and that is our goal. As a team, the Rockdale teachers took an evening to rejuvenate and enjoy themselves! They were able to have a nice dinner and then learned how to paint a picture at Painting with a Twist. Check out the masterpieces.
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Algebra students have been working on solving systems of equations. All students continue to utilize our MyPath Math program to build foundational skills needed for success. Students enjoyed a competitive game of Jeopardy and had a blast!

English Language Arts

In English, students are learning how to write expository essays. The students practiced writing their essays on the computers and the students did amazing work. To peak students' interest in informational texts, we utilized a program called Virtual Job Shadow. In this program, students take career and interest surveys to help to highlight the career clusters that best suits them. The program offers textual information as well as video content of people in the careers students are interested in, talking about what it is they do. Students researched careers to see about job market, earning potential and the steps needed to get the job they want and created a goal poster to help them visualize their future.

See the video clip below from Virtual Job Shadow and other schools that have used and loved the program.

VirtualJobShadow.com Customer Testimonial- Oklahoma City Public Schools

Social Studies

US History students studied the formation of the Early Republic and the impact of the Great Depression. On December 7th, we also took class time to remember, recognize and learn about the events of Pearl Harbor.


This semester has flown by! This six-weeks we studied motion and forces, including Newton’s Laws, momentum, and gravity. We also examined DNA and genetics, exploring protein synthesis, Punnett squares, and laws of inheritance. While exploring Newton’s Laws, we built catapults and participated in several hands-on experiments. In genetics, we built portions of DNA strands and used Punnett squares to determine traits for alien babies.


Eligible students had an opportunity to retake the English I, English II, U.S. History, Biology and Algebra I STAAR End of Course Exams from last year. Students and families will be notified of the the results as soon as they arrive. Click the link below to the Texas Assessment Website for information and resources for your student.

Angel Tree

Each year our facility partner, Rockdale Youth Academy, hosts an angel tree to spread the love this holiday season for our students. Staff from all departments select names of youth from the tree and provides them with a goody bag of treats to open on December 25th. All the names were taken in two days by the generous adults that work with our students. We look forward to hearing about the special day when we return from holiday break in January.