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Sunday, January 8th, 2017


Mrs. Close's Class ~ We are busy making our way through Module 4. This week the kids used pattern blocks to measure angles. That was even more challenging than using a protractor. In addition to our regular routine, the kids took their third CML competition of the school year. Look for those to come home next week. You'll find your child's corrected Module 3 test. Please sign and return on Monday.

Mr. Hart's Class ~ We have been focusing on using the traditional long division algorithm. The students are pretty good at using this method. I am still seeing a need however for the kids to solidify their multiplication facts, any help at home would be great. We have also spent time talking about multiples of numbers and prime and composite numbers. You should see a topic quiz come home this week on multiples and prime and composite numbers. We took a CML test this week, you will see them come home next week. We are almost at the end of our module on multiplication and division. We have 7 lessons left to complete and then we will move to our next module which is on geometry.


Small Groups ~ New novels for the New Year! Kids are reading The City of Ember, Freckle Juice, and Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great.

Social Studies ~ This week we'll read about how the Dutch lost control and how England took over!

Writing ~ No new PAWS this past week. Back in November all 4th graders completed a 45 minute opinion writing benchmark. The kids used this past week to rewrite that work. This was the first writing piece they had completed as a 4th grader. The benchmark also prompted me to begin the PAWS. The kids were shocked with their initial work after having a few weeks of instruction. They could all easily identify where they needed to make changes. That's an excellent sign!

Picture Book Friday ~ Sydney read to us the Friday before vacation. Brady was in the "hot seat" this past Friday. Both kids did a great job! You'll see both of them pictured below.

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We have a few weeks before our next official unit begins. In the meantime, we'll start reviewing "old" concepts as the NYS Science test is assesses material from kindergarten through 4th grade.


Kids need to bring their instruments on Wednesday this week. They lucked out that day 3 falls on lesson day!