What's Up MayComb?

Written By Vanessa Nguyen

The Curse Upon The People of MayComb

Never before, did the citizen of Maycomb witness snow! Children's have been cherishing and enjoying every second of the rare occasion. However, is it really something one should be excited about? Maycomb's widow, Ms. Maudie Atkinson says otherwise. What started out as a celebration ended in a tragic disaster for the town's widow. On the night of the snowfall, Ms. Maudie Atkinson told us that the night went by as a blur for her, but she was able to scrap up a few memories of that night. "I was worried about my plants, so I left the stove fire on to keep my potted plants warm" said Ms. Maudie Atkinson. That could be one of the reasons contributing to the cause of the rapid fire, but one can predict that this is no sheer concidence, it is more like a curse upon the citizen of Maycomb!
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Second Grade Kids Play Strip Poker

Is this the type of education kids learn in school now a days? To play strip poker? Our undercover reporter, Ms. Stepanie Crawford spills about the shocking information. Three of the most well know kids, Jem, Scout and Dill were caught red handed playing a game that most adults are accostum to, strip poker. An advice for all you parents out there is be aware of what your kids are doing because the most innocent ones are the ones that have the most to hide.
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Who is Atticus Finch?

Atticus Finch is not who he seems to be. The "nigger lover" of a lawyer has hid such a dark past, that we've found it astonishing to absord. On the outside he is portrayed as a passionate lawyer and a loving father of 2, but is that really who he is? The town widow, Ms. Maudie Atkinson has reported to 'What's Up Maycomb?', that he used to be known as "One shot Finch." Atticus Finch was the best shot in the County, so it's no surprise he would be called that. What do you think, is he a lawyer, a father or a killer?

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