"The Serious Business of Play"

Workshop For Teachers and Parents!

Have We As Parents and Teachers Forgotten How Important Play Really Is?

A recent survey found many modern parents and teachers have forgotten the art of how to play with kids. They're scared to do it wrong, or think play should be mixed with learning academics. The consequences are potentially dire in terms of both children's learning capabilities and their well-being. So dire in fact, that "Play Deficit Disorder" is now a real term used by research psychologists. Whether we like labels or not, the effects of less play on children is an issue we cannot afford to ignore.

Learning Through Play Is Learning For Life

Children who play learn more.

Studies show play

  • helps to integrate knowledge,
  • makes children happy,
  • builds social skills,
  • develops imagination,
  • teaches self-regulation and many other tools for life and work in the 21st Century.

Part I "Play Deficit Disorder" - The Truth About Play

Despite our incredible investment of time and energy into children, if they aren’t getting enough play time, it may mean they will never fully develop the skills they need to lead a happy fulfilled life. "Play Deficit Disorder" is real. In the last five years, 3.22 million children have been treated for depression which may be linked to less play.

If you are wondering why this information isn’t in most parenting books, it’s because until recently children got plenty of free play time. In an age of competitive college entrance races that often begin in kindergarten, the rush for “resume” worthy achievements has left many children with no time for this normal and essential part of human development. The first part of this workshop will fully explain how and why children must have play time both with us and without us.

Part II The Cure For "PDD" - Remembering How To Play

There are two kinds of play: with adults and without adults. Kids absolutely need both. They love it when teachers and parents play with them, and most adults love to connect with children, but all too often they just plain try too hard. It's one of the top reasons children and youth shut down when we try to connect with them. Participants learn to overcome this tendency by getting the knowledge and skills to create the right space for youth to come to them. Part II includes:

  • Deepening connections with play
  • Letting go and letting them
  • Opening the space for children to enter
  • Uncovering hidden "play" agendas

Essential knowledge for parents and teachers! Guaranteed to be fun and inspirational.

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What kids say about play.