The Third Grade Scoop

The Month of MAY

English and Language Arts

We are finishing reading Chocolate Fever. We have been doing some great writing activities with this story!

We will be reading some fiction and non fiction short stories that talk about money.

These will go along well with our Economic Unit .


Math W.O.W.- elapsed time

This week in math we will continue working on measurement concepts. We will look at how much time has passed using the term elapsed time. This month we will be reviewing long division, two-digit by one-digit multiplication and fractions. They are almost ready for fourth grade!! Scary:)

Homework: daily math sheet due on Friday.


This week in science we are reviewing measurement, such as units in the metric system. We will be working in iLearn Science stations. From mass, temperature, and volume to time, length and safety. We are going to have science on the brain!!

Social Studies

We will be studying Economics. We are learning about supply and demand, ,saving money, budgets, and making good decisions as consumers.

Thank you for all the wonderful gifts last week! We felt so appreciated!

Some Information

  • Please join us for the Spring Family Picnic this THURSDAY!
  • If you learners is donating money for endangered animals, please make sure they are contributing at home.
  • Please provide a water bottle (labeled), extra cloths, and a snack for field day. Also, make sure your learner is wearing comfortable shoes!

Mark Your Calendar

  • May 5- May 9 - Book Fair
  • May 8- Spring Family Picnic 6:30 P.M.
  • May 9- 8:00 a.m. ACES
  • May 16- Field Day
  • May 26- No school- Memorial Day
  • May 30-Fun at the Park from 3:30-4:30 @Kid Country (Come celebrate summer with us!)

What should my learners be doing at home?

Please pick between these resources and complete 3-4 nights a week for practice at home. From our experience, we feel that 30 minutes is an appropriate amount of time for "home fun". Thank you for supporting us with this!

Math Resources:

Weekly Math Sheet (due on Fridays)


Mobymax: (Fact Master + Math Lesson)

Think Through Math

Reading Resources:

Mobymax: (Language, Vocabulary, Reading)

Read books at home

Spelling Resource: