Howard Happenings

October 29, 2018

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Chronic Attendance Update-15.7%

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Our goal for the year is 19% chronic attendance (37 students) currently we are at 17.4% (31students), a decrease of 3 students from the previous week.

GREAT JOB Everyone, let's keep the momentum going.

Let's continue our work of reaching out to students who are absent and letting them know all the great things they have missed. Encourage families to bring student before and after appointments.

Shout out to Carranza (80%) and Plummer (73.9%) for having the highest satisfactory attendance.

Shout out to Friedman (6.8%) and Crawford (11.1%) for having the lowest chronic attendance.

Shout out to Carranza, Crawford, Hodnett, Novak, and Plummer for having no red students.

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Shout Out To:

Hammond for strong in class transitions using a nonverbal cue.

Amanat for using both verbal and nonverbal redirection in her classroom.

Important Information-ALL

Please ensure you sign in and out daily

All confidential or personal information should be printed in the library and picked up promptly.

Important Information-Teachers

Please ensure that you are on time (immediately following the bell) to pick up from the yard and/or cafeteria.

Just a reminder that the teacher workday begins at 8:00 am. Please contact me if you will be late.

Best Practice of the Week - Graphic Organizers

Graphic Organizers:
  • can be a scaffold for students
  • can be used across the content areas
  • help students organize their thoughts and ideas for answering questions,

  • function as a pre-writing tool

  • provide a visual display of information.

  • are an easy way to differentiate instruction for a variety of learning styles.

Resources below.

Yard Duty

Primary Yard-Friedman

Upper Yard-Mathis

Focus-Scholar Skills

Monday 10/29
  • Cost Meeting 11 to 12
  • Faculty Council 3 to 4

Tuesday 10/30

  • SSC Meeting 5:30 to 6:30

Wednesday 10/31

  • Minimum Day
  • Halloween

Thursday 11/1

  • Williams Off-Site-Principal Professional Learning

Friday 11/2

Halloween at Howard Schedule

11 to 11:40 - Lunch

11:40 to 12:00 - Students Change into Costumes

12:00 to 12:30 - Parade

12:30 to 1:30 - Classroom Celebrations

Cycle 2 Overview

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Upcoming November Events

11/5--Grocery Giveaway

11/7--Hoot and Holler

11/9--Minimum Day End of the 1st Trimester

11/9--Lockdown Drill

11/12--No School Veterans Day

11/13--Fire/Earthquake Drill

11/14--Report Cards Due by 4 pm

11/15--Grocery Giveaway

11/16--Vision Screening

11/19 to 11/23--Thanksgiving Break

11/26 to 11/27--Minimum Days Howard Professional Learning

11/28 to 11/30--Minimum Days Parent Teacher Conferences