Computer Technology Links

Dr. Wise K-8 Computer Technology Teacher

This website gives you fun and educational activities to do online. Have fun!

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Coding Websites


Coding Class 1: CJTJQN

Typing Webistes

Typing Games

Learn how to type!

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Digital Presentation Websites

Buncee Digital Presentations

Make digital presentation! Class Code: 66YR


Use popplet to make a concept map type presentation.


Concept Map type Presentation

Smore Website Building

Class Code: ZN326605


A digital slideshow.

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STEM Websites and Resources

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Fun Activities For Kids

Fun multiplication games to learn or practice your times tables!

Listen to a Book Online!

Need someone to read you a book? Click on this website!

Quick Draw

Try to draw with your mouse a picture the computer gives you in 20 seconds!