Matthew Hinsberger Block 4.


  • Physical Properties
  • Helium is a colorless gas.
  • Has lowest melting point of any element.
  • Has no taste, or odor.
  • Does not form compounds, or react with any element.
  • Chemical Properties
  • chemical formula is He
  • less soluble in water than any other gas.
  • It is a non toxic element.
  • This is also non flammable.
  • Isotopes
  • 4He
  • 3He
  • 2He
  • Uses
  • The most common use of helium is in balloons. Unlike oxygen helium floats and makes the

balloon rise instead of fall down.

  • Another popular use is in Blimps, because this allows them to float, and not be


  • Found
  • Helium is found in natural gas deposits.

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