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Thanks to ALL staff members who supported the Book Fair...It was a HUGE success:)

Because of your efforts, the School Bonds were approved!!!!!

Ms. Viscusie has been given iPads to use with her class and they love it!!!

Thank you to all staff who are tutoring, or working with students in any capacity outside of the school day...GOTR!!! (Girls on the Run)

The photos below are just a few of the great things that are happening around our school!!!

Data, Data, Data...

Rethinking Classroom Data with Purpose in Mind

This past week, we took a difficult look at our current state of reality as it relates to our school data. Now it is time to wrap some actions around our gathered sense of urgency to see:

-where are students are

-what they have mastered

-what is still left to teach

-how to continuously assess their progress

-how shared accountability helps us all

The article below brings in other data points to consider...


Student Engagement

We often see students who are very bright but appear to be not interested in what we are teaching. Sometimes it is too easy, sometimes too difficult. Other times, they might be going through or dealing with something that has nothing to do with us or school. Do you see a connection between Student Engagement and Achievement?

This is a great article to explore the question above...



Did you know that Open Enrollment has been extended until November 15th. This is the time to make any changes to your health benefits. Here is the blurb from an old Friday Focus...

Don’t forget that October is also the month for benefits enrollment. There are lots of changes and new options in the State Health Plan this year. If you don’t participate in enrollment, you’ll be automatically defaulted to the 70/30 plan. Benefits counselors will visit every CMS location during October and will be present at four flu clinics on Saturdays in October. Learn more at cms.hrintouch.com

Todays Meet

What are you "Thankful for Personally?"

Open the link and type your response...

Todays Meet or www.todaysmeet.com/OES


  • Please continue to review the Non-Negotiables
  • Save the dates... Kim S. will be back to provide support on Mini Lessons: see schedule that was emailed
  • If you did not take a picture on Picture Day, please plan to take one on the make-up date 11/15. These are free and will be featured in the yearbook.
  • Please give to United Way!!!!
  • This week teachers in 1st-5th will get a PEP Summary sheet. This should be turned in to the Administrator who gets your Report Cards and Progress Reports by November 26th
  • If you have pictures or other information you would to share with the staff send me an email.

Schedule for this Week

Monday Nov. 11
  • NO SCHOOL- Veteran's Day!!!

Tuesday Nov. 12 Day 6

  • Meeting with All hourly employees (except Bates, and Robertson) @ 9:10 in the Media Center
  • Data Meetings K, 1st

Wednesday Nov. 13 Day 1

  • Committee Meetings @7:30, IA's join at 8:00

Thursday Nov. 14 Day 2

  • Data Meeting: 2nd
  • Thursday Folders go home
  • 5th grade DC Parent Meeting

Friday Nov. 15 Day 3

  • Make-up Pictures
  • Report Cards go Home
  • AU goes Bowling
  • Eagle Pride Assembly Practices...