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Over time, your carpet can deteriorate as a result of stains, spills, dirt, dust, allergens and normal wear and tear. Cetta Carpet Services understands the importance of regularly maintaining your carpet in order to maximise it’s lifespan and is therefore committed to providing results of the highest quality.

Need Leather Cleaning in Adelaide? Cetta Carpet Services leather cleaning experts provide professional and quality Carpet Repairing, Mattress Cleaning Adelaide, carpet steam cleaning and Upholstery Cleaning in Adelaide.

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Fabric Lounge Suite Cleaning

· 4 Seater $85.00

· 5 Seater $110.00

· Additional Seats - $20.00 per seat

Leather Lounge Suite Cleaning

· 5 Seater $200.00

· Additional Seats - $40.00 per seat

Mattress Cleaning Adelaide

· Single Mattress $60.00

· Double Mattress $90.00

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