The Printing Press and its Impact

The Movable printing press was made in 1450

When Was The Movable Printing press Invented

From The Text "The Printing Press And its Impact on literacy"

You will find out Johann Gutenberg Made the First Movable Printing press this made it a lot easier to make books and learn to read because it lowered the cost of book by a lot.

Source: The Printing Press and its impact on literacy

The Spread Of The Movable Printing press

The Spread of the printing press started in the 1460's

Source: "the Impact of movable Printing press"

The Effect on Books,Religion and Politics

over the longer term,however books would not only increase literacy rates due to increased avabillity and access, but also would help the spread of Religious and political movements.

What Helped The Spread Of The Printing Press?

what helped the Printing press? Columbus's letter had got published that what i believe that helped the Spread

The Spread of the Columbus's letter

The Letter was made in Lisbon then it went to Barcelona then from Barcelona it went to rome