Cockayne Syndrome

How it works


Cockayne Syndrome is a rare disorder that is caused by the genes that repair DNA. The genes that have Cockayne syndrome cannot easily repair DNA. As the problems build up in the unfixed DNA, cells begin to die. The dying cells contribute to the symptoms of this disorder. Some symptoms are Growth failure and premature aging.

Signs and Symptoms

Symptoms include hearing loss, eye problems, and tooth decay. Some symptoms that can be seen by others are lack of weight gain, and failure to grow at the normal rate, and a oddly small head size. The disorder makes the person extremely sensitive to sunlight, and can get sunburn from the smallest amount of sunlight. These symptoms can occur after the age of one or at the beginning of birth.


There is no current treatment for this disorder. It is still suggested that people should still be treated for their symptoms. People with this disorder has a 28% chance of dying under the age of ten and 70% chance of dying before the age of 25. The prognosis is mainly based on the person's symptoms.
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