I’m a usual 5th grader, I'm 4 ft /11 , have dirty blond hair ,have hazel eyes and adore reading.

I have so much sisters that all start with A’s and are way too confusing!

It all started on a Sunday afternoon after church.

My sisters Ava was at a friend's house and Autumn was sick Aspen was with my mom so it was just me ,my twin Adrienne, Rio (my grandma), and grandpa.So after church we all went to one of my favorite Italian restaurant.As I yanked open the huge heavy door I lost control and the door smashed my Innocent small toe.

I quickly struggled to get from the entry to our table and managed.It constantly hurt and picked up my menu to order some delicious Italian food, spaghetti. When we were all done eating Rio and Adrienne started discussing something. Finally when they were done they told me they weren't sure if I would be able to walk around on my broken toe. I asked why I would need to walk on it and Rio said she just wanted to look at the sale t gap kids.I was excited.

each of us got a few outfits for school and this day wasn't as bad as i thought.When I got home I showed my mom my clothes and we went swimming! Just think of all the explaining I had to do at school.