Bear's Den

Rosemont Forest Elementary Staff Newsletter

Week of June 9, 2017

Volume 13, Issue 37


  • Mary Telinde and Courtney Arena for sitting in on SPED interviews

  • Barb Swilley for offering to tackle the science closet.

  • We’re almost home on testing, so a big thank you to everyone for the help, patience, and perserverence. Whether you’re schedule has been changed, you’ve helped to test, you’ve helped to remediate, or ou’ve worked to keep kids quiet in the hall, everyone has been essential to getting the job done.

~ Greg Furlich ~

  • To Rebecca for her hard work on educational reports the last two weeks. You did an excellent job of providing specific examples of students strengths and needs.

  • To Amy Simpson for her willingness to attend a SRT meeting at the last minute. You provided useful information during our meeting that helped our team make a meaningful decision.

  • To Molly and Monica for bringing work samples to a SEC meeting. During those meetings, we are making important decisions about a child education and having work samples to share help the team, including the parents, make the best educational decision.

  • To Kat for her awareness of students. You were observant and took action about specific concerns regarding a student. We (the staff and students) are fortunate to have you!

  • To Kristin Dailey for her support through SOLs. She’s been prompt to inform me of SECEP expedites and flexible with scheduling examiners, proctors and locations. Thank you!

  • To the RoFo staff for their support through SOLs. It’s a busy time of year and I greatly appreciate your attention to detail, continued flexibility, and willingness to help whenever/wherever needed. We’re almost done – only a few more test sessions to go!

  • Thank you to Barb, Peggy, Melissa and Brianna for returning your SCORED growth mindset assessments so quickly. I appreciate you scoring them in advance. Hopefully you found the scores informative.

~ Katie Johnson ~

  • Thank you to an amazing staff that has made my first year in the forest a memorable one. Your support and acceptance is so greatly appreciated. I am blessed to be part of such a caring and nurturing staff. Enjoy your summer and get the rest that you so well deserve!!

~ Shelly Kyle ~

  • Thanks to Sara Brola, Melissa Spivey and Sheena Smith for help with a Crossfit routine called "Bring Sally Up" and "Death by Burpees".

~ Matt Ammons ~

  • Thank you to Tina, Debbie, Maria, Mai and Mrs. Sebree for helping our kiddos in the cafeteria! You even let me know when they are sick or need help. You are all appreciated!

~ Nurse Bryan ~

Thank You

Fire alarms, bus explosions, babies, staff turn over…I could go on. This has been a year like few others. We are so fortunate to have each other in times like these. We are also fortunate to have a couple of months of downtime coming our way. For those of you who are leaving, you will each be deeply missed. For those of you who are on your way in, congratulations, you are gaining a second family. Most of all I want to thank you. Thank you for working long hours for modest pay. Thank you for for modleing patience, honesty, courage, pererverance, wisdom, responsibility, generosity, and a committement to lifelong learning. Thank you for figuring out every day how to manage the needs of so many children and loving them all, even the ones who may be hard to love because they can make your days so difficult. Most of all, thank you for everything you have done to create a better future. No one else so directly shapes the future. Thank you for teaching…and we are all teachers, every one of us. Have a wonderful summer.

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Final Days of School

The final days of the school year can feel like a whirlwind, and there have been many years in which I felt like I didn’t take enough time to enjoy my students and give our time together the recognition and closure it deserved. Here are six ideas for grades K-5 to help you connect with your kids and end the year on a high note:

Eat lunch together

Join your class in the cafeteria, or invite students to eat in the classroom with you. If you want to make more individual connections, invite a different group of 5-6 kids to eat with you each day Monday through Friday. If you have a snack time in your classroom, that can be a fun opportunity, too—bring in something special to share with the class during the last week and sit with a different group of kids each day.

Join in at recess

If you’re the type who normally stands on the sidelines, ask if you can join a basketball game or jump rope contest. Kids love to see their teachers having fun! Make it your goal to spend at least a couple of minutes with each child at some point during the week just hanging out, talking, or doing something they love.

Read (or re-read) your favorite books

If you haven’t had time to share your favorite children’s book with your students, now’s your chance! And if you have, the last week of school is a great time to revisit that book again and invite children to join in on the parts they remember. Encourage the kids to submit their favorite books for you to read again, too. If you don’t have enough time for them all, provide 10-15 minutes for kids to pair up and read their favorite book to a partner. This is also a great opportunity to remind your students of how much they’ve grown as readers throughout the year!

Record favorite memories

There are lots of creative ways to have students reflect on what they learned and enjoyed during the year, but many of them are time-intensive. If you only have a few minutes, hang a large blank piece of bulletin board paper and invite students to share their favorite memories and lessons during your morning bell work or dismissal time. Another easy way to capture students’ memories if you have a video release form from parents is to use your phone to capture video of yourself interviewing kids at lunch or recess (or have a student do it for you). Play the video clips back for the class to watch and reminisce together, or post them on your class blog so parents can see, too.

Give character certificates

Fill out a certificate for each child using the free blank templates widely available online, and write them out to acknowledge kids’ most outstanding character qualities, such as loyalty and friendship, responsibility, creativity, initiative, manners, flexibility, integrity, friendliness, dependability, and so on. Thinking of all your students’ positive qualities will create positive feelings in you, too! Hand out the certificates during an in-class ceremony, or call kids over to your desk individually to present the certificates and thank the children for being such an awesome part of the class. You can also have students create awards for one another.

Tell students how they can connect with you over the summer and beyond

For some kids, leaving your classroom for the last time will feel like losing all contact with a a beloved family member, and it can be very reassuring if they know you won’t be gone from their lives forever. You’ll have to determine what’s most appropriate for your situation as these ideas won’t work for everyone, but you could provide the school’s mailing address and invite kids to send you postcards during their travels, permit students to leave comments on your class blog, or reach out via school-approved social media outlets like Edmodo.

-Angela Watson Thank you, Salem ES

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Sunshine Committee Fund Raising

The Sunshine Committee has been spreading joy all year! Flowers, cards and special gifts were some of the ways we showed RoFo peeps that you are loved.

We are in need of more funding, however, and will be selling tickets to earn the chance to win some end-of-year prizes (Lularoe outfit, 31 Bag, gift cards and other fun items). The proceeds will go to Cancer Research among other things. Tickets will be sold Monday, June 12, so bring some cash. You can win and the proceeds will go towards spreading more joy! Tickets will be 1 for $1 or 3 for $5.

Looking Ahead

Here are some important days to keep in mind as you head into your summer:

  • August 24th – Work day all teachers are to report
  • August 25th – Flex day, you may report or log the time you spend prepping this summer and take the day off
  • August 31st – 10:30 -12:00, Meet Your Teacher
  • September 12th – 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm Open House for grades 3-5
  • September 13th – 6:30 pm -7:30 pm Open House K-2

JUNE Events

June 12 - 8:00 am HeART Club Breakfast, Rm 4

8:50 am SOL Make Up Test

10:15 am Kindergarten Rehearsal, Stage

2:00 pm Kindergarten Rehearsal, Stage

June 13 - 8:50 am Chorus Rehearsal, Stage

8:50 am SOL Make Up Test

10:15 am Kindergarten Rehearsal, Stage

2:00 pm Kindergarten Rehearsal, Stage

June 14 - 8:50 am Gr. 5 Rehearsal, Cafe

9:00 am Field Day, Gr K-3, Gym

12:30 pm Field Day, Gr K, 4-5, Gym

June 15 - 8:50 am SOL Make Up Test

9:00 am AM Kindergarten Ceremony, Café

2:00 pm Gr. 5 Rehearsal, Cafe

4:30 pm PTA Skinny Dip Yearbook Signing

June 16 - Last day of school. Adjusted Dismissal

9:00 am Fifth Grade Ceremony, Café

June 19 - Flex Staff Day

June 23 - Report Cards Mailed