Digital Update, 10/29/13

By Sarra Smith

iPads Equip Teachers - Online Tutorials

Mrs. Dodson used the iPad app, Educreations, to teach a lesson while out of her classroom one day. She created slides in Keynote, took screenshots of each slide, then imported the slides into Educreations. There, she recorded her audio over the slides. The substitute teacher clicked the link to the presentation to allow Mrs. Dodson to virtually teach the lesson!

Inserting a Photo Into Your Blog

  1. Once in a blog post, click the Insert tab
  2. Click Image
  3. Click My Photos
  4. Click Upload to Album in the top, right of the window
  5. Click Choose File
  6. Navigate to the preferred file and click Open
  7. Click Upload Now
    Wait patiently until you see the image
  8. Click the preferred thumbnail
    The image will appear in the right side of the window
  9. Click Select Image

iPad Apps Search Engine


Word Hippo -

Find copyright-friendly images -

  • For Bing, enter the search criteria, press ENTER, and select the preferred licensing under LICENSE
  • When using Google Images, enter the search criteria, press ENTER, select ADVANCED SEARCH from the GEAR icon, select the preferred licensing from the USAGE RIGHTS field

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iRig Mic

I now have an iRig Microphone, which can be connected to an iPad, for better audio recording. Please let me know if you would like to use it for a recording (student projects, recording a lesson, etc.). Simply fill out a digital ticket request.