by Tom Bodett

All About Me

September and Ivan, the protagonists in Williwaw by Tom Bodett, show a great measure of bravery and independence. They are a twelve and thirteen year old who grew up on a bay without a mom and a Dad who’s most of the time out in the ocean with his fishing crew. Only left with their mail guy Harry, also referred as Hairy. September is a girl who enjoys cooking and listening to music but on the other hand Ivan is obsessed with gaming. There are two rules they must follow: Do not go in the water and Do not go to town. Although living on the bay with no one else but your sibling may encourage the idea.September is a brave, caring and a very opinionated thirteen year old girl. Yeah she loves to cook, listen to music and argue with her brother but really she is more than that. Sep is a brave, caring independent person. The one thing that can really bother her is Ivan. “Ivan ran the radio down again playing that stupid pocket video game of his.” (pg 5) This quote can already tell the reader that September doesn’t agree with her brother most of the time and get in arguments constantly. Although it Impacts her character and how she will act upon things later in the book.

The Bay

Growing up on the bay isn’t any different to Ivan and Sep then it is for a town kid. “Just as town kids wouldn't hesitate about fastening their seatbelts in a car, the Crane kids couldn’t imagine leaving without a life jacket.” (pg 31) This quote compares how the daily life of a town kid and how the crane kids life makes a huge impact on the way they see things in the book. September and Ivan live on a cove which is a small sheltered bay. Their surroundings are water, land and Mooseburger. The way they grow up with these tells the reader what type of people they’re like and how they react to things. This quote greatly influences September and Ivan’s life because having certain rules and growing up with or without certain things will make them the person who they are today. Such as the way they react to a williwaw or the way they address somone all leads back to the way they grew up

The Williwaw

Williwaw is Alaska’s fiercest storm. But you only have to worry if you’re in the water. “You can’t fool mother nature, but she can sure fool you” (pg 137) This quote means that you can’t try to change the weather or change what mother nature will do but mother nature can decide whatever happens with the weather. The Williwaw has a huge impact on Ivan and September because they grew knowing there mom was killed by the storm and it is the storm that people fear the most. At the end of Williwaw Ivan And September were trapped in the storm and were close to drowning but just in time their dad and Harry saved them. The Williwaw has taught Sep and Ivan to learn from their mistakes. Such as following the only 2 rules and to not fool around with the radio ever again because you never know what situation you will get yourself into.

Little bear

Towards the end of Williwaw, September and Ivan ran into to a bear, little bear. Believe it or not but little bear was a big help to the crane kids and was a friend. “We do have one sweet little bear who comes through the cove all the time. Bears aren’t mean by nature, you know…” (pg 83) Little bear is important to the protagonists because he makes them happy and helps them out at one point. During section 7 little bear is almost shot by Mr. Berger while Ivan and September are trying to escape on their boat. Although Mr. Berger’s bullet missed their little bear. After this situation Ivan said that little bear was smart and purposely trying to distract Mr. Berger so that Sep and Ivan don’t get caught. Little bear was happiness to the Crane kids because they felt a strong relationship with little bear and cared about him. Without little bear who knows what would have happened to September and Ivan if they got caught by Mr. Berger trying to escape. Going back to the quote on page 83, it really does show that bears aren’t cruel but can be life changers.