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the flag of manitoba

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The flag of manitoba consists a picture in the left hand corner the United kingdom flag.also,the flag has a red backround and a buffalo in the middle of a shield in the the right hand side.

when Manitoba came to be

Manitoba became a province on July 15,1970.The founder of manitoba is louis Riel.Manitoba is over 440 years old.The capital of manitoba is churchill.The population of manitoba is 1,162,800 and the 8th largest province

provincial elements

manitoba fun facts about manitoba

  • Manitoba is one of three prairie provinces of ten.
  • Manitoba is located in the centre of canada.
  • The province Ontario is to the east of Manitoba and Saskatchewan is to the west.
  • "Manitoba" came from the cree words "manitou bou" meaning "strait of the great spirit"The name also came from the Assiniboine words "mini" and "tobow" meaning "lake of the prairie".
  • Manitoba's second largest city is "Brandon"

The people of Manitoba

  • Manitoba is home to over one million people in 2010.
  • Winnipeg is the largest city which is home to about 684,000 in 2010.
  • Manitoba has the ethnic backrounds are Poles, Dutch, Aboriginal, French, German, English, Scottish, and Ukrainian.