20 Minute Challenge

Sponsored by THE STAR....Christina Orsagh!

Freshen Up Your WDYK List!

Out with that old, tired, over worked list! START FRESH! Here's the rule...contact 10 and you'll get one trunk show booked. So if you've contacted all 50 on your WDYK list....that list is DEAD! GONE. TIRED. RETIRED ;)

Freshy fresh is where it's at! New people to contact and fresh start! So today's challenge is just that easy. Freshen it up ladies. Create a new WDYK List. I bet you can get 50 names on it in 20 minutes. Take the challenge....move your business.

PS. You'll be so glad to have this fresh list for the rest of the challenges this week ;)
PS. Yes you can do it....just do it! Your life 30 minutes from now will THANK YOU!
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Meet the STAR! Christina Orsagh!

My Gift:

2016 Kate Spade Planner. I love this planner because not only is it adorable but it is the perfect tool for booking your trunk shows!

My Story:

I am small town girl originally from Iowa. My husband Billy Bob and two sweet girls Lyla (3) and Ruby (9mo) now call Texas our home. So blessed to be able to stay home with both of my girls and work this dream job. My family is my first WHY. My second, is working this business for me. I found something that I LOVE that gives some “mommy time” and is so rewarding to feel accomplished.

Rewind 6 months… I was scrolling Facebook during nap time and saw a friend from my hometown posting about earning free jewelry. Long story short.. I immediately fell in love with Stella & Dot and wanted in! I had no idea that six months later I would have promoted to Star Stylist and have no intentions on stopping there!

2016 Goal:

With my team, I will promote to Director in 2016 and sign up 12 new stylists along the way.

Top Tip:

Stay consistent. Don’t let the no’s bring you down or that one trunk show that had poor attendance keep you from your goals. Keep making the calls, messaging people, booking shows and sharing the joy that Stella & Dot brings to you. Every trunk show is the beginning of ripples to come.