How to remove "RATS"

"not animal rats"

what are rats?

Have you ever downloaded anti-virus or anti-spyware software? You think your safe but then your files are getting stolen! In this demonstration I will explain how to check for “rats” on your computer. A “rat” is an outside user that is accessing your files and information without you knowing. They can hack in to programs and as you download them and gain access to your computer.

What can i do?

There are few ways to remove the threat you can 1. try to find software to fix it 2. Bring it to the supplier 3. Call tech support or 4. Extinguish the problem on your own. How you may ask?

Step 1

Step 1. Press your 4 flags key “windows key” at the same time press the “X key” a menu to the right should appear. Locate the “command prompt” open “Command prompt ADMIN”[or otherwise this wont work]

Step 2

Step 2. Press “ctrl-alt-delete” then open the “task manager”press more detail . If you are using windows 10 it should be on the tab “processes” I don’t know how it works on a MAC sorry about that :(.if your running windows xp switch to a better windows (as there is no more support for it)