The battle of the labyrinth

author = Rick Riordan

about the book

the book ''the battle of the labyrinth'' was about a group of monsters group up and turn Percy's camp in to a war zone and his friend goes to Titan's mountain and she sees a Goddess on a hill that's when she gets told to go to titans mountain.

what we thought of the story

the story the battle of the labyrinth was a very fun and interesting book i love the part when Percy blows up the school and falls into the cheerleaders trance about the kissing part.

litterary devices

the first one is the cause and effect is when the Percy kills the cheerleaders and then the school blows up .

the second one is compare and contrast is when that Percy stays on the good side and the other boy does not so people might compare them .

the last one is allusion the allusion is when the writer tells the details about the fighting at the camp it really put a picture in my head.