Who I Am: by Garrett Whitlock

Its requires more courage to suffer than to die


Interests: Football, Sports, Racing

Values: Having a family, close relationships

Skills: Football, swimming, and talking

Self Esteem: I have pretty high self esteem

Learning style: Bobily-kinesthetic

Why should all these things be considered when deciding on a career?

Too give you an idea on what career fit your skills and interests.

My career as a...

Job description: promote worksite product safety

Salary: $85615

Job outlook: due to grow by 11% from 2014 to 2022

Cluster: science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

Work schedules: Work full time

Work environment: health and safety engineers typically work in offices, but sometimes they spent times at worksites if necessary

Interesting fact: A very important quality too have is to just be creativity


*The college I would like to attend is the University of Arkansas

*The reason why I chose U of A is because It has a top notch engineering program and it's very close to home

*The degrees I would need is a engineering degree and then specialize in health and safety

*The tuition for the U of A is 3,908.85

*The lottery scholarship, and a Football scholarship