Walking Into The Blue Mosque

By: Jyah Brannon

I will be your tour guide today and I hope you enjoy your visit

Think about it? Why is the Blue Mosque, blue? Well it's blue because of the blue tiles that surround the interior. Maybe it also had something to do with its name, but as you read this article i hope you understand more about the Blue Mosque.

As you exit I hope you have had a memorable tour!

Since you know that the Blue Mosque is blue, can you tell me what shade of blue. I hope you have learned more about the Blue Mosque. One day I wish that u go to the Blue Mosque. For further information you can visit the sites below.

Fun Facts

  • This is a picture of Sultan Ahmet
  • The Blue Mosque is famous for its culture
  • What shade of blue is the Blue Mosque is a trick question, there are different shades of blue
  • The Ezan Muslim chant in English is, God is great There is no god but God Muhammed is the Prophet of God Come to prayer Come to salvation God is Great There is no god but God