People Who Predict The Future

Power Of The Sixth Sense


there are people who predict the future for example in this article it talked about how people can dream or look threw object to see the future sometimes it is helpful if u can so u can tell somebody to prevent the catostrophy. On the other hand some people cant help everybody for intense David booth predicted that a american airlines airplane would crash and he told the airline but they could not stop it. Also Robert Nixon a farmer never spoke but one day he randomly outburst to everybody saying that Tudor Henry would lose to Richard the third at the battle of Bosworth.

The stone of mysteries

Branhan seer Mackenzie could tell the future by looking through a stone with a hole in it many people wanted to see if this was true so one day a women went to him to see if he could solve a mystery about her husband not coming home in week Branhan told her that he was cheating on her she became mad and told the guards to kill him by forcing headfirst in a hot barrel of tar but before they did he told them that the "seaforths will end in extinction and sorrow."