Anna Berington

Anna loves to race and train her dogs

The Iditarod

Did you know that it takes nearly fifteen days to finish the Iditarod? Anna Berington is a female racer in the Iditarod races. She and her twin sister Kristy, love the outdoors, and that’s why they both joined the Iditarod.

Anna Berington's Careers

When they were younger, their neighbor Lisa asked them if they wanted to help out at the Sprint Shelter to help out with training dogs. They didn’t know yet, but they were hooked. Kristy and Anna Berington’s love for the outdoors caused them to join the Army National Guard. Awhile later though, they both quit.

Anna's Life

To this day, Anna Berington and her sister are 32 years old and they live in Alaska. They were born and raised in northern Wisconsin, on February 1984. In 2007, she placed 8th in the Taiga 300.

Her Dogs

She only races the breed of dogs called the Alaskan Huskies. In her races, she has to stop and feed her dogs every two and a half hours. She feeds her dogs meats such as, beef, chicken, tripe, beaver, lamb, horse, turkey, fish, or other animal fat, freezes them and cuts them to the size of a candy bar. Anna will only let her dogs race once they’re one and a half years old.


So Anna Berington is a famous musher and loves her dogs very much. She says that during the races, she gets hardly any sleep because she has to constantly take care of her dogs. The prizes for winning the Iditarod are $50,400 and a new 2013 Dodge Ram pickup truck.