BY: Barbara Pujol


When the pilot was having a heart attack there was a big smell. It was hard for Brian because he was alone in the plane. While Brian was screaming at the pilot he did not knew that no one was taking control of the plain. First Brian was thinking that the pilot was just sleeping and he was going to get control of the plain. The plain was still flying. Brian put his hand in the control wheel and his feet in the pedal. He knew a lot of thing because the books that he had read. The plain was going up and down, Brian did not knew what to do. He tried to think what to do next, but he did not had time because the plain did not had to much gas. Something came to his mind about a radio and he thought that there was a radio on the plain. Brian called many times but no one answer the radio. When someone finally answer there was no signal. Brian landed in a lake.