Mount Rushmore

bye Colin Bradley


It took 14 years and 400 men to finish. 100 men died making it and 6 people fell off. Mount Rushmore is in importent because it symbolizes and fredom. In this essay, Mount Rushmores history, meaning, and the landmark today will be discussed.


Mount Rushmore was very important because of its history. Mount Rushmore was built because of our presidents. It was built in South Dakota and was finished on October 31,1941. Mount Rushmore was a big project.


Mount Rushmore is importent because of it's great meaning. It is can stand for anything. To me it stands for freedom. It was made for any President. It will bring you hope.

Mount Rushmore Today

Mout rushmore is still importent. Over 2,144,808 people go to see it a year. I never went to see it. History of are cunchry and the president too.


Mount Rushmore is still importent today because it symbolizes freedom. I wood go to mount rushmore because it seems fun. The history of Mount Rushmore is in important because it shows us how died to build it.