Weeding of the 900's

Geography & World History

Why this section?

The shelf-life of items in this section of the library is about 15 years. Perspectives of historical events change, and countries come and go, so it is necessary for the media specialist to weed this section as these changes occur. Sometimes this is difficult to do every year, however, so every 5 years (recommended by my mentor) is a valid amount of time.
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The Weeded Books

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There was a list of over 900...

Mr. Harper and I had printed a list off that specifically showed us books in our collection that were 15 years or older. I went through our collection and used the MUSTIE method (Misleading, Ugly, Superseded, Trivial, Irrelevant, and Elsewhere). At the end of the weeding process, I had pulled 283 books total for weeding.
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The Disposal

These books will be first offered to teachers within Rising Starr for classroom use. After that has occurred, any books left will be packed up and shipped off to the county warehouse where they will be sold or recycled.