MX-06 series of water supply pumps

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MGP new technology

MX-06 series of water supply pumps for high-rise building is jointly developed by Maxfully International Equipment Ltd.And Nigbo Heli Mechanical Pump Co.Ltd.The latest pumping technology incoporates multi-cylinder structure,high efficiency,low power consumption,high pressure and adjustable throughput.Our patented design combines the power end and fluid end into one solid unit.It not only simplifies themechanical.Structure of the power end but overcoms the drawbacks of conventional reciprocating pumps.Fluid end is connected by our unique Linear Rotating valve which prolongs its effective life.Built-in damping requlator system ensure smooth and steady water flow.The multi-cylinder design offers optimum throughput at low running speed.

Currently we have developed flow 40M3 / h, 60M3 / h, head of 200 meters, and other specifications are the product. If you are interested in MX-06, if need further information, please contact us

We are Maxfully International Equipment Ltd.

Maxfully International Equipment Ltd. is engaged in designing, manufacturing and selling the latest pumping technology and system to fulfill our customer's various requirements.

Coporating with prestigious pump manufacturer such as Ningbo Heli Mechnical Pump. Co., Ltd, Shandong Shuanglun Group Co., Ltd.. Maxfully is committed to be a strong pump provider with energy management solutions. Our dream is bring the MAXIMUM value to our customer and to produce a better home for our next generation and make the earth ever more beautiful. All of our products are API or ISO9001:2000 & ISO 14001:2004 Certified.

Our Major products covers:

----Reciprocating Pumps: such as High pressure washing pumps, Ultra high pressure Fire Pump, Cementing Pumps, Mud Pump, Metering Pump, See Water Desalination Pump, Polymer Injection Pump, Booster Pump,Reverse osmosis Etc, .

----Centrifugal Pumps: Single-Stage Fire Fighting Pump, Vertical Multi-Stage Fire Fighting Pump, Vertical Stainless Steel Mutistage Pump, Single-Stage End Suction/Double Suction Pump, Circulating Pump, Horizental Multi-Stage Transfering Pump, Submersible Sewage Pump, Booster Pump etc.