Forensic Nursing

By: Ashley Bartlett

What Forensic Nurses Study

  • Have a specialized knowledge about the legal system
  • Skilled/specialize in injury identification and evaluation
  • Investigate crimes that deal with sexual or physical assault, or accidental deaths
  • Deal with patients who are very likely to enter the court system
  • Have the ability to testify in court as an expert medical witness
  • Take blood or tissue samples
  • Measure wounds and analyze them
  • Provides support for victims


  • Forensic nurses often specialize in child abuse/neglect
  • They asses injuries and collect evidence credible to use in court
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  1. Get your ASN (Associate of Science in Nursing) or BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing)
  2. Take/pass NCLEX-RN (National Council Licensure Examination)
  3. Pass the adolescent/adult, or pediatric Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner certification exam

How Common is Forensic Nursing?

  • Forensic Nursing is becoming more and more common
  • The first graduate studies program for forensic science was established in 1986 at the University of Texas at Arlingotn's school of nursing