Points of Pride

October 21, 2018

Instructional Focus:

As everyone knows, we received a "C" grade from the Arizona Department of Education.

While it's ok to be disappointed, it's absolutely imperative that we not place an unhealthy amount of extra pressure on ourselves. I was talking to the Leadership Team on Friday, and I feel that the stress level is high around campus. We cannot be at our best for students and make sound instructional decisions if we are in a state of panic.

There is nothing we can do about last year at this point, it's autopsy data. We have an amazing opportunity for growth this year! We have laid out a plan, and it will work.

Reflective and open-minded is a far more productive place to be moving forward. This is going to take the collective effort of all 88 employees here at Settler's Point. I know that we can do this!

This week as I get into classrooms during my coaching days I am going to be asking students what they are learning about. It is absolutely essential that students know what they are learning about, and why it's relevant to them (and this should be directly linked to a standard). Wendy Peterson often says that during a regular lesson, the learning objective should be brought up no less than five times. The objective should not be classified :) After I ask, I will provide you with the feedback.

Upcoming Events:

  • 10/22: Game Truck for Cookie Dough Sales @ 9:00-12:00; Buffalo Wild Wings Restaurant Night @ 11:00-9:00
  • 10/23: New to SPE Meeting @ 7:45; School Council @ 4:00
  • 10/24: Intervention Team @ 7:30; 2:15 Release-PLC
  • 10/25: Kindergarten field trip to Mother Nature Farms @ 9:15-1:00
  • 10/26: Faculty Meeting @ 7:30
  • 10/30: PBIS Committee @ 7:45
  • 10/31: 2:15 Release-PLC
  • 11/2: Fun Run @ 8:25; Fall Festival @ 5:00-8:00