Teen Pregnancy

I'm not against it but I don't recomend it either.

How it can change your life

Having a baby brings a lot of responsibility especially if your a young teenager in school because when the baby's born it will be hard to keep up with the baby, school and finals that cause a lot of stress.

A Great Mommy
I know someone that had a baby recently and she has told how she had to sacrifice some of the things she had planned to take care of her baby. She couldn't go to college because she would have to stay home and take care of her baby. Her boyfriend had college and a job to attend to be able to provide for the baby and their thankful they at least had people to help them like their parents and the girls parents. I see them everyday because the girl is my sister she's living with us for now and I see how she stresses out because the baby keeps her up all night sometimes while her boyfriend is at work trying to earn money so they can get everything they need for their new house. I think their doing good because they're giving the baby a lot of love all the time.

I'm not against teen pregnancy

I don't judge the girls that are pregnant because I don't think the baby's are a mistake. Some people think they are but the baby could be one of the best things that has ever happened to someone and aside all the stress they bring happiness to your life.

These are some of the girls I decided to use for my flyer.

My personal opinion