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Published by Crawford Elementary August 29, 2021

Grace and Resilience Are Our Watchwords!

Happy Sunday!

As August wanes and we feel the nip of Autumn in the air, for some it may feel a bit as if we are starting school all over this week.

We were sad to lose Ms. Fairman to another school last week, and are very glad to be opening a 4/5 split class under Ms. Grant's tutelage. The fourth and fifth grade teams worked hard all week last week on the transition and we are all ready for the new classes to form up on Monday.

As I was teaching PE last week I noticed some of the impacts of being out of school for so long due to the pandemic were coming to the fore. As students have been out of the classroom environment for a long time, it is evident that our younger students are having a bit of a hard time adjusting to expectations and taking part in what the class is doing if it is not a preferred activity. Please reinforce to your children the expectation that they engage in the learning environment. We want everyone to be successful, and sometimes that means that we need to try new things and work through frustrations, even when we might want to do something else. Classroom teachers are working hard to create an engaging learning environment and we know that with students taking part and trying new things they will accomplish quite a lot!

We are happy to announce our Fall Open House. We will be inviting families into the building this Wednesday, September 1, from 5-6 pm. This will be an excellent opportunity to restore a feeling of community and to give students a chance to show off their classrooms. Please join us! If, however, you are not able to join in person you are welcome to schedule a visit and I will be sending out information from the event on Thursday. We hope you can come.

Thank you for your time and have a restful Sunday evening.


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