You may not know him , but you know what he invented!!!

Tim Berners-Lee (M.I.T.), father of the World Wide Web...

About Tim

Tim Berners-Lee was born in southwest London, England, on 8 June 1955 .Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web (WWW) in 2004. He is now the overall Director of the W3C. He gave the WWW to the public for free because he said that it would not work without it being free. He could have been a multi millionaire if he had done it for money !!!!!

His Life

When he was young went to Sheen Mount Primary School and then went to London's independent Emanuel School for four years. He studied at Queen's college , Oxford, for 3 years, where he received a first class degree in physics.


After graduation he worked at the telecommunications company in Poole and in 1978 joined D. G. Nash where he helped create software for printers. Berners-Lee worked as a contractor at CERN in 1980. there, he proposed a project based on the concept of hypertext, to facilitate sharing and updating information among researchers.