1930's Project

By: Myranda Garza

What were the Scottsboro boys on trial for? Did they actually commit this crime or not? How do you know?

The Scottsboro boys were on trial for rapeing 2 white women. They did not actually commit the crime. You know they did not commit the crime because during the trial the defense attorney's gave very accurate information that one of the boys was blind and another could not walk on his own so they could not of been able to commit such a brutal crime,

Describe Alabama's, including the jury's, reaction to the boys and the trial.

The jury's reaction to the boys and the trial was that they were "guilty". Even if the facts stated clearly made them innocent, the jury still believed they were guilty because they are colored men.

How is this trial similar to Tom Robinson's trial? How is it different?

Similarities are that colored men are accused of raping a white girls. It is also similar because both defendant's are supplied with lawyers from the court, and both lawyers are white men. Another way it is similar is that during both trials the defense attorney's provide very accurate information on the ways it is impossible for these men to have raped these women because some of the physical disabilities they have that makes it nearly impossible for them to commit such violent crimes. It is also different in some ways to because in Tom's trial there are some "witnesses" that testify at the stand and in the Scottsboro trial there is not, it is just the two girls that are accusing them.