alissa"s buckets list

4th period

.1 caves

I want to go look at the marble caves in chile . physical weathering is when acid seeks into the ground and they reach an area with soaked water the acid dissolves the minerals in the rocks which forms holes, which we call caves

2. grand canyon rope swinging

I want to go grand canyon rope swinging. physical weathering is when it rains ,water hits the rocks and forms them by erosion.

3. hang gliding

i want to go hang gliding over the ocean . physical weathering is when the water hits the rocks and breaks them down into sand

4. surfing

  1. i want to go surfing in hawii. physical weathering is when the wind pushes the waves toward shore by pushing the sand further to make the shore-line

5. mountain climbing

i want to go hiking on mount Everest. physical weathering is wind and water causes small pieces of the rock to break off the side of the mountain