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Mimas is a moon of Saturn. There are 62 moons on Saturn and Mimas is number 40 out of all the 62 moons. The moon always was crushed and destroyed by an asteroid but wasn't.

Mimas the Moon

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More Facts About Mimas

Mismas was named by John Herschel. Mimas mean a giant that was killed in a war between the titans and gods. It was discovered by William Herschel on September 17, 1789. William is the father of john Herschel. The atmosphere is mostly water and ice. Its almost frozen solid.

The time it takes for Mimas to orbit Saturn its 0.9 days. It orbits one of Saturn's rings because the ring it orbits on is the ring it made up its self. The moon keep leaving little bits of gas and particulars of ice. Over time all the particulars formed into a ring around Saturn. The distance from Mimas to Saturn is 115, 277 miles. Thats pretty far away! The diameter is the distance all the way around the moon and it 224 miles.

Mimas was lucky to survive because it was hit by a crater called Herschel Crater. The crater was one third the size of Mimas. The crater left a big mark on Mimas the walls ten kilometers deep. This event was the largest crater to ever hit a moon.

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Saturn's Death Star Moon Mimas May Contain Life

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