WELCOME Team Faith & Always Believe

Written With Love from Your Sr Director ~ Robyn Torres~

Our Mission is To Be a Force for Good; To LOVE, Inspire & Motivate Women of All Ages to Reach Their Dreams & Empower Them to Make a Difference in the Lives of Others

My Locket

  • Believe- To remind me to always Believe in the good of life and in my purpose in this world and to never give up
  • Infinity- Our team symbol (as you can see above) and also representing to Always be the best person I can be in all aspects of my life
  • Cross- For my Faith and for the importance of having faith in my life
  • Hope- The meaning of my journey with O2 and in life... to Bring Hope to others, to inspire others and to never give up Hope
  • I Love You Hand- Represents my hubby, Roy. It is a symbol my husband, kids and I always do to each other. It is truly through Love that life has meaning
  • Butterfly- Represents my daughter, Reese. She loves them and I always saw them when I was pregnant with her. She truly brought me new life :)
  • Rosegold Gear- Represents my son, Ryan. He has been somewhat obsessed with wheels and things that spin since he was an infant. He has become the gear that really gets my happiness going :)
  • Blue Baby Feet- Represents my new baby boy, Roman. He is another miracle and blessing in my life!

A Little Bit About Myself

I began my journey with Origami Owl at the end of January 2012. At the time, it had been 8 months since I had quit my teaching job as a High School Chemistry teacher to stay home with my babies, my daughter Reese (who is now 5) and my son Ryan (who is now 3). Ryan had been born early and had some heart complications and with Dr Appointments it was hard getting time off and finding care for my two little ones since my husband and I didn't want to put them in a daycare, so we decided it would be best to make the sacrifice and have me stay home. It was a wonderful choice to get to be with my babies, but money was getting tight and my husband talked about getting two jobs. My heart broke to see his stress and I felt I needed to find something. I tried to dabble in different projects in hopes of finding something that would bring some extra income to help our family. It was during this time that I was praying and praying that something would come my way, that Origami Owl came into my life.

In November 2011, My sister-in-law had purchased a locket from Bella at the Kiosk in the mall. She brought it home to show me what she bought for a friend of ours from Church. I LOVED it and wanted one for my 3 sisters and mom, so asked her to order some for me. She went back and there was no longer a kiosk. She had a business card, called and found out it had just become a Direct Sales company. She said she was joining and asked if I would join under her, she commented- I'm pretty sure you would be one of the first in Texas. I know to most that are in Direct Sales (DS), the opportunity of being the first would be an automatic YES. But for me, I was hesitant... very hesitant. I am not a sales person in the least bit. I don't like to bug people and I had previously joined a DS company for a short time but just felt like DS wasn't me. But, I loved the product and wanted the discount for the many gifts I knew I would be getting for friends/family and I also just had "This Feeling". I can't really describe what that feeling was, but something was tugging at my heart that I needed to try this. So I agreed! I had told my husband just the day before I made this decision that I would never be in sales, so you can imagine his thoughts when I told him I was going to do this. He was very skeptical and felt I was just going to throw the money away, but I told him I loved personalization and would be saving money alone in getting the discounts for gifts. So he supported me in my choice.

As soon as I received the box, I got little butterflies as I looked through the items. It was all so beautiful and I wanted to tell everyone about it, I felt everyone would love this! I couldn't stop talking about it. My husband told his sister, "Robyn is out of control, she is stopping people every where!" lol! I just knew if they had the opportunity to see it, they would love it like I did it. I was in heaven hearing their stories as they created their lockets, and seeing how much the lockets meant to them. Although, I loved the product, I had no idea it would be the craze that it is :) I didn't have to sell, because people always approached me and even approaching people didn't feel like sales to me. I realized I did great in this because it wasn't sales for me, it was my Passion and as my team grew- inspiring people, mentoring the lovely designers on my team, donating product and helping others became my Inspiration.

Finding my "Passion" with Origami Owl, which for me was giving back, made this journey more than just a job. I feel that my purpose in life was to be a part of this and now I know it wasn't just for the extra income. As I have learned the Mission, Culture and Love of O2- it has been everything I Believed in and has given me the ability to give back in so many ways. I have donated product to charities and organizations to help them, I have given lockets to those that have lost people in their lives, to those that can't afford them, to those I know that a locket would brighten their day during a tragedy, I have had the blessing of reaching out, motivating and mentoring my team, which has become like a family to me- we are all there for each other during so many moments that go beyond business, as a team we do monthly "Giving Back" projects for team members struggling or those that we come across. I am truly beyond Blessed!

As of today, my team is over 1700 people and I have to pinch myself every time it grows. I am a Sr Director with the company and I Love what I do! I just had my baby boy, Roman, on Dec 20 , which will make 3 under the age of 6! So although overwhelmed- this business has given me the ability to be a part of their life and to be there at all the important moments, it has help my family financially and it has allowed me to live my Passion of Being a Force for Good in this world and helping others to do the same. And the amazing part is the Journey has just began!

Welcome to the TEAM!

Hello our New Team FAB "Faith & Always Believe" Designers!!!

Welcome to our Team and to Origami Owl. I am truly blessed to have each of you on this team. I first want you to know that I feel you were each brought to this team for a purpose. I have prayed for my team and for each person brought that they are blessed as they need with this opportunity. This has been an amazing opportunity to not only sell lockets, but grow a team and to do good in this world. The lockets are just the start of some incredible things to come. I have been able to donate gifts to charities for fundraising, bless others with this opportunity of joining the company and mentor some incredible people who are now very dear friends to me. I know you are all capable of achieving and exceeding your expectations with this company.

Your mentors, the designer whose team you joined, should contact you and if you haven't received a call from your mentor please call them or email me and I will contact them to make sure you have all your questions answered to get started. Feel free to ask plenty of questions about the back office, policy and procedures, ordering and any thing else that comes to your mind. Your mentor will be there throughout this process to help you grow and support you. I will also be there, so if you can't get a hold of your mentor and you need something feel free to contact me at any time. As the team grows and my kids get busy with activities, I may not always respond immediately- but will definitely get back to you within 48 hrs. You may also receive some emails from Tami Butcher, she is our Direct to Corporate, and is also available with anything you need. So you should have plenty of support.

Please read through the information below. I hope that this information will be a good start to help you, along with the support from your mentor. Please know your mentor and myself are always here for you!! I want your business to grow in the way you envision it. Take hold of this opportunity because it is such a gift to be one of the first in your area to be a designer and you have an incredible amount of potential to grow your team! And we truly are part of the beginning of this great company. Talk to your mentor about growing your team, if this is what you envision as a goal. It does take time and commitment, but the rewards are amazing. So, talk to people about Origami, book some Holiday parties, and even start putting them on the wait list if you choose to mentor. This company can the best way to make your dreams come true and others! We aren't sales people, we are "Dream Makers"! I am so excited for your journey with this company and am humble, honored and blessed to have you as part of this team!

Staying in the Loop and Training


Every Monday there are company webinars. The information for these are in your backoffice under the News or Resources section. These are some great trainings to help grow your business. All past webinars are in the Resource section and you can listen in to the topics you need training on as you have free time, they are password protected and usually the password is "oocall". The first Monday of the month, is usually saved for a Team Believe Conference call. You will receive an email with info for calling in about this in your backoffice, so check the "mail" tab daily to check on message that may be sent from the company, your mentor, myself or Tami.

Recently they have also added Thursday webinars, these are a review of the training we received break out sessions at Convention. There is some awesome training there that leaders presented so each Thursday, one of the classes will be covered. These can also be found in the Resource section.

Resource Section/DropBox

There are great resources available under the Resource tab in your backoffice with marketing material, training info, pictures, logos, and much more. We also have created a team Dropbox page that contains most of this info along with some other info. If you have pics or other items you create that you want to share fell free to upload or email me so I can upload for the team. Please do not share this link with others, it is only for designers on our team. The link to our dropbox page is:



If you have a facebook, we have 6 groups Team FAB, True Believers, Krewe of Believe, Charmed Believers, Inspired Believers, and Strong Believers . My 5 ETLs (Executive team leaders), Krista, Michelle, Lisa, Karen and Ida have created their own pages for their downline so that we can keep the groups at a good # and manageable. I am in all 6 pages and information is always up-to-date and all leaders & myself do a great job at communicating with each other and ensuring the pages our a great tool of support for you. So request to join the following pages, depending which leader you fall under and we will approve:

If you fall under Krista Saysanam, the FB page you will be under is:


If you fall under Michelle Burke, the FB page you will be under is:


If you fall under Lisa Emminger, the FB page you will be under is:


If you fall under Karen Chavez, the FB page you will be under is:


If you fall under Ida Perales, the FB page you will be under is:


Everyone else, the FB page you will be under is:


There is also a FB page for Team Believe, under Tami Butcher- Our Direct to Corporate. You should be receiving an email from her with this information. You are welcome to join that page as well. If you get overwhelmed with too many FB pages to join, as long as you join the one above for your team- you will receive all the information and support you need as leaders will also include important information from Our Direct to Corporate's FB page. If you are not sure which FB page, you fall under- ask your mentor, they will be able to let you know. You can also email me and I can look to see which team you are under and direct you to the right page. This Facebook group page has been a great resource and help to team members, I recommend you join- it is the quickest way to get answers and to get support from fellow team member.

Please understand that our Facebook pages are a resource and tool, they are not a place for negativity, frustration or venting. If you have any issues that arise please address with your mentor, do not address on our Facebook pages. They are intended for support, and motivation. Before you post use T.H.I.N.K, shown below.

New Email Address

I strongly encourage creating a separate email address for just Origami Owl make sure you do not use the words "origami owl" or "living lockets" in your email address. You can read the policy and procedures which may include more forms that are prohibited to use.

Monthly Meetings

Each month I will send information about our Team monthly meeting and everything discussed. I will send these emails through the backoffice and through the personal emails of those I personally mentor for them to pass on to their teams. So please also check your backoffice for these emails. Our monthly meetings are held in El Paso, TX. There are some mentors on team that have meeting in their location and will post on our Team FB pages when they will be holding meetings. At times leaders in different regions will hold a meeting and open up to everyone. Below is a link to the list of these trainings (in our dropbox), I will update this on each newsletter and on our FB:


If you do not live in El Paso or in areas of some of the mentors on team, I encourage you to go on FB and try to meet with designers in your area. This will help you also have additional support where you live. If there are not many designers- then as you grow your team, you will be my leader for your area and begin meeting with your team monthly and other designers on our team who live in your area to keep your team supported and motivated!

Team Calendar

This calendar will list webinars, conference calls, meetings, etc. This is not complete yet, I am currently still updating. Please keep in mind the times are Mountain Time zone.



1. Talk to your mentor once a month at least (more if you need) to stay in the loop and help you set your goals

2. Check in to the back office once a day quickly to just check your mail, and read up on the news feed. If you have any new customers that made accounts, email them and let them know you are there to help with their purchase. If there are new orders you received from customers, a thank you note or email is always nice for them to receive

3. Listen in to webinars, conference calls and attend team meetings

4. Read monthly Newsletters from Director and emails from your mentor/up-line

5. Attend local monthly meetings if in your area, Regional meetings by leaders if in your area, and Convention/Company Events

Getting Started

Goal Setting

This is your own business, which can be great- but can also lead to either over-working or not working enough to build your business. Setting your goals is a vital part to remaining organized and staying in task.

  1. Sit down and plan your goals for each month: For example # of Jewelry Bars or Events you want to do, If planning on building your team # of designers you want to add to the waitlist, Amount of sales/profit you would like to make, What ways to give back to others
  2. Set an action plan: Come up with ways you will achieve these goals. Schedule amount of time you will set aside to call customers, to market your product.
  3. Share your goals with your mentor: Ask for their input, they will help make sure your goals are obtainable and may help with ideas to achieve these goals
  4. Be Accountable: Reward yourself for reaching your goals. Have your mentor or spouse/friend someone to keep you accountable by asking how you are doing in reaching your goals
  5. Evaluate & Revise: At the end of the month, look at how you did. You can talk with your mentor about this. Make some revision and set your goals for the next month, set a new action plan. Never get down on yourself if you didn't reach your goals, just think of what ways you can get there the next month

Create Office Hours

A schedule (your office hours) is a key component of reaching your goals. Everyone has different goals with this business and a different amount of time they can work. Creating office hours will help you from over-working or not working enough. Your "Work" time is focused on completing your action plan and tasks to reach your goals and help your team, customers, etc. Your "Off" time is time for you and your family. Don't work during your "Off" time, customers/team members can wait until the next day so turn your phones off, get off of FB and spend time with those you love. Your work time will include, days that you are available for Jewelry Bars; if you have a jewelry bar cancels, try to remember this is work time and during this time work on getting a new jewelry bar booked- it will keep you motivated and not frustrated about the cancelation. If you need to, create an "Open"/"Close" sign. This will help you and your family know that when your office is open, you are working and when it is closed- it is your time off and with them :)

Getting the Word Out

The moment you sign on with Origami Owl, your website is working- even before you get your kit you can start getting orders. So work on an email to send out to friends/family letting them know about your new endeavor. Post a pic of one of our beautiful lockets (there are plenty on our FB pages, dropbox, resource section in back office, and Origami Owl FB page) and post to let your FB community know you are starting this amazing journey! Start calling around, posting and emails is quick but personal calls are usually the most successful. It can be scary at first, but take a leap of faith. I know that, for every 10 "No's" you may get 1 "Yes"- but that "Yes" feels wonderful! Post it up on your work place and keep looking at it for inspiration to keep you going and keep setting time aside to make your calls!

There are lots of great marketing materials on our Team FB pages, the resource section and in our dropbox. You can also create your own marketing materials just be sure to follow the guidelines in the file below:


Another great tool to use for your marketing, for customers and for FB posts are Virtual Lockets. They look great and are a great way of displaying types of lockets when you don't have all the inventory and you want to give an idea of what a customer's locket or special themed locket would look like. Below is a great YouTube video by another talented designer that walks you through the process of creating these:



The Nest will send out a Newsletter to your customers once a month. The newsletter is a great tool to help increase activity to your site and to keep customers updated. You can personalize your Newsletter and add email addresses (emails from customers that shop or register and are in your backoffice will automatically be updated once a month). Below is a great webinar about the video and how to get yours setup. Enter as many emails as you know, the more the better!


password: oocall

Learning How to Use Your Backoffice

Training Videos:
You need to watch the training videos to understand how to use the New System
The password for all training videos is "ootraining"

1. Your Designer Landing Page: http://vimeo.com/75422910
This one shows where to get started.

2. Placing a Wholesale order: http://vimeo.com/75442634
This one shows how to place a wholesale order/

3. Order Summary: http://vimeo.com/75447777
This shows you how to check on orders.

4. Creating a Jewelry bar: http://vimeo.com/77255819
Everything you need to know to start a JB.

5. Jewelry Bar assistant: http://vimeo.com/77256263
Helps you do everything for your JB.

6. How to place a JB order: http://vimeo.com/78007725
Shows you how to do JB orders.

7. Enrolling new Designers: http://vimeo.com/77734569
How to assign designer to your team

8. My Preferences: http://vimeo.com/77743813
How to change your personal information.

9. My Website info: http://vimeo.com/75449908
Where to edit your website info.

10. Contact Info: http://vimeo.com/75429157
How to find, edit and add customers info.

11. My Leads:http://vimeo.com/77740900
How and why you get leads.

Jewelry Bars

  • To Qualify- When entering a Jewelry Bar the hostess will only receive rewards with 4 guest orders and $125 in sales orders. And the orders will qualify for $4/order ship rate if all is being shipped to hostess. If you prefer to receive items and then take to hostess, enter hostess name but your address as the hostess address and then for each order make sure you select "ship to hostess" in all steps 1, 2 and for each guest to qualify for $4 rate. If guests want items shipped to them sooner than party closes, be sure to enter the order in your replicated site and enter the correct "Jewelry Bar Code" at checkout for the hostess the order is connected to. This way the hostess receives credit for the order towards her party and the order is shipped right away. Shipping for direct orders are $5.95 (if sale total is up to $100) and $7.95 (if sale total is more than $100).
  • Set Up- Try to stay with the colors of teal, white, tan and pops of coral/pink. Besides your starting kit you only really need a table cloth, a bust/neck to display a sample locket and a chain holder to hold your chains. You can accent with an owl (preferable in the color scheme) or a some flowers.
  • Running a Jewelry Bar- There is lots of information on doing Jewelry Bars and in the backoffice under Resource section and in our dropbox. I would advise that you also "shadow" your mentor do a jewelry bar so you can get an idea of how to do this, if you live out of town- go on You Tube, there are some great videos that gifted designers have created of running a mock jewelry bar to help get you an idea of what to do. There is also a some great webinars in the backoffice on Hostess Coaching http://vimeo.com/72464752 (password: oocall) and Running your Jewelry Bar from start to finish http://vimeo.com/72919529 (password: oocall) that have some amazing tips and I would definitely advise you look through. Your mentor is also there to help answer any questions you may have, then practice, be yourself and most importantly- have Fun!
  • Entering a Jewelry Bar-Be sure to watch videos above, and particularly the one that refers to entering a Jewelry Bar to help guide with this. These videos as well as pdf screen shots are also in your back office.


Events are a great way to network for potential party hosts and designers. During Holidays, there are also great sales. Find events in your area and look at small venues first like churches, schools, craft fairs- the costs of these are usually much better. There are lots of pictures of event setups on our FB page and you can also ask your mentor for help with this. Having a raffle to gather customer's info is a great idea and composing a "look book" that contains pictures of various types of lockets (either use a photo album and fill with photos you find on-line and that you take or going online to sites like Walgreens and Shutterfly to create picture books are great ideas to creating a look book). These are great for events and for jewelry bars to give customers an idea of different creations.

This usually is sufficient. If not, then you will have to apply for a temporary business

tax permit through you state. You can call your state business/tax office to help with

guidance on this. They will usually have a form on-line for you to fill out the includes the days of your events and then will be responsible to pay the tax made on the event to your state. If you do this, send your tax ID that you will receive when applying for a temporary business permit (along with your event notification form) to the company and ask that you are made tax exempt when purchasing merchandise for the event so your not paying sales tax twice. After the event, send a quick email to have them make you back to normal, so you aren't staying tax exempt and then responsible for paying sales taxes on your own. Hope that makes sense. The company and coordinator of your event will be able to help answer your questions about this .


Current shipping calendar shown below and is in our dropbox:



There is NO MORE Wait List!!! Woo Hoo how exciting! This means that you can start building your teams and mentoring immediately. Mentoring is an amazing way to make this journey a full time career. It is also so amazing to be able to mentor others and help guide them to their personal success. The key thing to remember here, is that if you choose to mentor- this is part of your job, building a team doesn't mean that your job stops when a designer joins your team, your primary job is to help guide those you mentor. Not doing your job as a mentor, is unfair to the designer you are mentoring and it is unfair to your upline as many times the designer will then go to your upline and they will take over. Remember YOU are the one getting commission from this so it is YOUR responsibility to help those you mentor. So please be sure that you consider this and are ready to build a team. If you are thinking about doing this, talk to your mentor more about this to help guide you through this and ensure that you are ready to start building a team!

Be a Force for Good

The mission of Origami Owl is stated above and the it is centered around being a force for good. To do good in this world and in the lives of others. As a leader, to mentor others to not only be successful in their business, but to be a great force of good and to do good for others. This I feel has been my key to success- I love this mission, I love to motivate others and to give back. A locket for someone who lost a special loved one, a donation for a cause you believe in, holding a fundraiser to honor someone in need, donating part of your sales, encouraging your team to always give back. These are ways that we can be a force for good. On our Facebook pages we also announce team projects we do to help and honor others. This is a big part of our business and it is what makes it so meaningful. So always within your goals, include this and think about ways you can be a Force for Good in this World! And Remember to always consider the Core Values of the Company in your business:

O2's Core Values:

  1. Operate by the Golden Rule
  2. Cultivate family spirit & Team unity
  3. Nurture, respect and be honest in all relationships
  4. Foster a pay-it-forward mindset
  5. Love what you do
  6. Embrace creative innovation for positive change
  7. Pursue learning & growth opportunities
  8. support one another's personal development
  9. Uplift others with wise words & thoughtful actions
  10. Shine humbly with a grateful heart

P&P, FAQs, and Company Contact Info

Policy & Procedures

Please read through P&Ps to understand the policies that are to be followed as a designer of Origami Owl. If you are unsure if you are doing something that aligns with the company or that is appropriate, please check P&Ps, your mentor and contact Compliance. Link to P&Ps below:



The link below will show FAQs that include amount of commission we make, how to make returns, warranties, and other great info. I have blacked out info that is no longer used or relevant. If you have any questions about these please ask your mentor:


Origami Owl's Contact info:
  • Phone Number:

888.491.0331 (Designers)

888.611.2424 (Customers)
open 9am-5pm Arizona time

  • Fax Number:
  • Email:
Use contact tab on http://www.origamiowl.com site, click on the red "contact us" then when redirected choose designer, and subject, then fill out the message for your email. Your question will be directed to correct department. If you still have issues receiving contact, cc me (my email is below)

To Return Items:

Call designer care and inform them, have your Order # ready. They will send you a return label. Fill out replacement form (in back office- under tools- document library- business forms) link also below, and mail with items in a padded envelope.

Replacement Form:


For Missing Items:

Fill out missing items form (in back office- under tools- document library- business forms) and link is also below. Attach to an email with your name, order # and missing items to missingitems@origamiowl.com

Missing Items Form:


Enjoy Your Journey & Believe in Yourself Always! Lots of Love! Robyn Torres-Sr Director #1191

Team Faith & Always Believe

"Owls Of Hope Living As Love Always"