Pennsylvania Colony

Ashlynn Spangler

One of the First Colonies

The Pennsylvania Colony was one of the first thirteen colonies. The colonies were divided into three areas of the New England, Middle, and the Southern Colonies. The Pennsylvania Colony was one of the Middle Colonies. The Pennsylvania Colony was an English Colony and lasted until 1682 to 1776, when it joined the other twelve of the thirteen colonies to fight against Great Britain, it became the state of Pennsylvania.
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Who Was the Founder of the Pennsylvania Colony?

In 1681, King Charles II gave William Penn permission to start a new colony. Since the king owed money to William's father instead of paying him back, the king made William a proprietor. A proprietor is a owner of a colony. he named his colony Pennsylvania it means "Penn's woods." he wanted the Quakers and non Quakers alike and to keep peace with the American Indians.

How the Quakers Got Their Name

William Penn was part of a religious group called the "Quakers."The word "quaker was a term King George to Penn. Penn told the king instead of worrying about silly things we should be "Quaking to the Lord." In respond the king said "Get this quaker out of here."

Interesting Facts

-Some major cities in the colony were, Philadelphia, Lancaster, and York.

-Their natural resources were good farmland, timber, furs, coal, and iron ore.

-The original name was Province of Pennsylvania but later was Pennsylvania Colony.

-Some reasons for founding the colony were for religious freedom, trade, and Profit.

How They Got Along With the American Indians

The people of the colony got along well with the American Indians. They traded with the indians. The thing that they traded was mostly fur in exchange the Indians got metal tools, horses, and guns.