Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi is a wonderful and amazing place that you should visit

Where is Hanoi in Vietnam?

Chop that Asian Food!!!!!

Are you hunger? I can serve you some delicious rice and other unique food. rice is a traditional food, and rice could be use in many ways! Meals are often consist of rice with vegetable, like fish, meat, and beancurd. Hanoi is famous for soup with chicken, pork, cooked with eel, crab, and slices of Chinese mushroom, woodear, fungus, and egg. If you don't like spicy food, vietnamese food are perfect for you!!! Vietnamese has a combination of different flavors. Vietnamese food looks disgusting, but after you try it, the food is amazing.

Its a Amazing world

Vietnam has an exciting culture and religions! did you know that their is more than half of the Vietnamese that are Buddhists, the rest are Christians, Muslim, Hindus, and members of syncretic sects such as Cao Dai and Hoa Hao. Vietnam celebrate their festival are different from United States in so many ways, Vietnamese celebrates their festival according to the Lunar calendar. In Vietnam, on Lunar New Year, everyone celebrate his or her birthday and consider them one year older. Two of the popular festival is Lunar New Year and Mid-Autumn festivals. Lunar New Year celebrates the week of a New Year. Vietnam Has the best culture in the world!!!!!

Enjoy Vietnam's Weirdness!!!

Vietnam has a lot of activities and has an interesting amount of tourism. Its interesting that Vietnam plays Americas sports too, like soccer, table tennis, volleyball, swimming, and tennis. There is so many tourism and business visitor surging after, Vietnam opened businesses and hotel, you can't even believe. There is so much activities in the country-side like, pigeon, flying eel-catching, and buffalo contest that are hold at local festivals! soccer is a popular sport in Vietnam, Mexico too. Hanoi has the BEST activities, its like your mind is about to explode. It seems that Vietnam has weird activities, actually its really exciting.

Enjoy to this Gorgeous Wonderland!

Do you like beautiful things like nature and unique architecture? Hanoi is a perfect place for you!!! There is five famous landmarks, the first one is, Ho Tay Lake, is the largest lake in Hanoi. The second landmark is, Quan Thanh is a fantastic temple with original and unique architecture. Tran Quoc Pagonda is the oldest in the city, and Thong Nat Park is the perfect place for Antis trees. Hanoi is the capitol of Vietnam, it has unique places, like building, nature, and foreign tradition. History seems weird and boring, but in Hanoi history is amazing.

Speak this Simple Language

Vietnam has a hard, easy, and interesting language. Guess what? Vietnamese is the official language in Vietnam!!! The language of mixed origins. One of the interesting fact is that most of basic vocabulary originates from Tai and Mon-Khmer words. Vietnamese spoke by ethnic Vietnamese and Chinese and a lot of words are adapt from Chinese too. One thing that is cool and nice is that each word is expressed by a single syllable. Also, its same words, different meaning. Vietnamese is hard in the beginning, but after, you learn it, its easy as a piece of pie.

Stay in the HOTTNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you hate the cold? Well Vietnam is the right place for you!!! The normal temperature is 70 degrees to 88 degrees, but in the summer its 95 degrees, its so hot its like you are taking a shower in LAVA! Most of the day its hot and humid like the sun just exploded. One thing is nice, is that in the winter its cool and nice like eating ice. Its hot and humid in the south and in the north its cool. Very interesting. Vietnam is a wonderful place if you hate the COLD.


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