Weekly Launch

December 3-7


I wanted to share the following blurb that Dr. Silva shared in an email today:

Over the course of the coming weeks, let’s take time to refocus on what we value in CCISD. Let’s work toward providing the most ideal learning experiences for our students, to encourage each and every one to feel success each day in our schools. Let’s not give up on change too soon in favor of resorting to what we already know. Change takes more than time – it takes patience and a growth mindset. We have opportunities each day to continue the great work toward meeting each student’s needs and aspirations.

Remind your students about their behavior in the cafeteria. Your PBIS rep should have explained our new incentive plan with you. We will begin passing out slips on Monday.

I am sad to share that Catherine Davis will be leaving us this semester. She has the opportunity to work at UTMB in their speech department. We will miss her greatly!!! We wish her the best!

Important Dates

December 3-MOY AMC Counting Kinder window opens


Watch DOG-Mr. Syed-Malkaan-Hirsch-PE

Mr. Padron-Sydney-Davis-PE

December 4-Wear your college shirt


Watch DOG-Mr. Venta-Alex-Schillaci

December 5-1st planning a.m.

CLIS Winter Concert-9:00 a.m.



Texas Roadhouse Spirit NIght

Watch DOG-Mr. Wisdom-Amelia/Annalise-Joiner/Fore-Art/?

December 6-2nd field trip to Minute Maid Park

Learning Walk with Rachel-a.m.


SBG chat 3rd grade-3:45 pm.

Watch DOG-Mr. Sisman-Kaan/Mira-Schillaci/Hirsch-PE

Mr. Berriman-Kaleb-Young-Art

December 7-MOY AMC Combination 2nd grade opens

Character Corner

Word of the Week-School pride

Word of the Month-Citizenship

Morning Announcements-Joiner

Character Good Practices

Greeting your students at the door every morning

Holding morning meetings daily-can be short

Be sure to discuss conflicts the students may be having during the morning meeting. We will be purchasing Kelso's Choice Wheel for classrooms and will have a refresher course on Kelso in January.

I am attaching the behavior management form that Tony Davila talked about during Behavior 101. Please spend time over the next few weeks completing this and we will be utilizing it in January also.

PBIS Corner

A Great Method for Reteaching Behavior Expectations

It might be tempting to just restate expectations and move on, but for most students, modeling and practicing gets the message across effectively.

Model Behavior Expectations

State the behavioral expectation and the routine associated with it. Then, ask for a volunteer to demonstrate the routine as you practiced it at the beginning of the year.

Next, let students share what they noticed. Be sure that they pay attention to the “tricky” parts—voices off during lining up, quick and neat clean-up of materials during a transition from desks to the circle, or a quick response to the signal for quiet.

Practice Behavior Expectations

Have the whole class demonstrate the behavior. Pay special attention to the challenging aspects and use reinforcing language to let students know what they did well: “You responded to the signal in about eight seconds. I saw people helping each other remember what to do, finishing what they were doing quickly, and really focusing on me quickly. I’m going to give the signal again in about 10 minutes. Let’s see if we can do it just as well and quickly then.”

Practice again shortly afterward.

Big picture

Word of the Week-Valid

Don't Forget to Turn in Your Character Shout-outs

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Compliment Corner

This compliment is for:

Cari Brandt for being such a big help with my students. My kids are comfortable asking you for help and you are always there to give it.-Cathy Compa

Sandy Varner for doing an amazing writing lesson for my class!-Stephanie Hirsch

Amy Brown for always jumping in and helping students where ever you see a need. You are great about asking to see the lesson for the day and discussing student strengths and weaknesses.-Cathy Compa

4th grade for doing a great job of bringing kids in from recess during the lock-out-Jen B, Brenda and Jen M.

Coach B for taking my keys and turning off my car in the parking lot and not adding it to his mental list job all the ways I'm a bad driver-Nicole Janese

Sandy Varner for supporting my students in writing and going above when helping me in my classroom.-Stacy Fore

Shout Outs

Shout out to Kramer, Bartley and Hirsch for a great writer's celebration party!

Shout out to Hirsch and Fore for doing a great job with their student teacher's!! They are ready to enter the teaching world.

Shout out to Sandy Varner for hosting a staff Christmas party.

Shout out to the NPE Social Committee for planning the party and the painting with a twist night!