Elijah Lovejoy

Getting To The Press

What Elijah Lovejoy Did.

Elijah Lovejoy was born in 1802 November 9th and died November 7th 1837. Elijah Attended Waterville college, Now Colby college in his home state of maine. Elijah was born in his grandfathers frontier near Albion, Maine, as the first of nine children from his mother Elizabeth. Elijah was named after his dads good friend who was into politics. In 1835, Lovejoy married Celia Ann French, and they had two children.

Imformation about Lovejoy

Due to his own lack of an education, he encouraged his sons—Daniel, Joseph Cammett, Owen, John and Elijah—to become educated men. As a result, Elijah was taught to read the Bible and other theological texts at an early age. Returning to St. Louis, he set up a church and resumed work as editor of the Observer. His editorials criticized slavery and other church denominations. In May 1836 after anti-abolitionist opponents in St. Louis destroyed his printing press for the third time Lovejoy left the city and moved across the river to Alton in the free state of Illinois.The changes he made was he kept building more and more press offices.

One Of Lovejoys Accomplishment

One of Lovejoys accomplishment were his efforts and the attacks on him made the supporters of slavrey appear bad to northerners because Elijah was getting attacked like a slave. Lovejoy was hit five times with slugs from a shotgun and died immediately. 1838, his brothers Joseph P. and Owen Lovejoy wrote a memoir about him and his defense of the free press, which they published in New York under the title Memoir of the RevElijah P. Lovejoy Who was Murdered in Defence of the Liberty of the Press at Alton Illinois Nov. 7, 1837.