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May 2022


Final Senior Transcript Request

It is time for your senior to request their FINAL transcript. Seniors must request a final transcript for the institution they plan to attend. If they are a student-athlete and playing a sport in college, your senior must complete the Final Transcript Form two times; first to add the name of the institution they plan to attend, and second to list either 'NCAA Eligibility Center' or 'NAIA Eligibility Center' for the college name.

Final transcripts are sent after the semester has concluded, directly to the institution or organization (e.g., NCAA, NAIA). Click HERE to complete the form.

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Class of 2022 Graduation Survey - REQUIRED FOR SENIORS

All seniors are required to take the Class of 2022 Graduation Survey in their Naviance account. This is REQUIRED for graduation, so please make sure that your senior completes the 4-question survey as soon as they know their final plans. The directions to complete the survey is posted below.

Counseling will be sending many reminders and the only way to be removed from the distribution list is to complete the Graduation Survey.

The deadline to complete this required task is MAY 2ND.

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Class of 2022 - Scholarship Offers

Has your senior received scholarship offers or an Academy appointment? Please have your senior submit ALL scholarship offer letters (excluding HOPE/Zell Miller), including those they do not plan to use. Why do we need this information? We want seniors to be recognized for their hard work and dedication! Each high school submits scholarship dollars to the Superintendent's office.

  1. To complete the form, students must be signed into their Office 365 account.
  2. Students need to complete the form for each individual scholarship offer letter. For example, if submitting three scholarship offer letters, the student must complete the form three times.

Click HERE to access the form.

The deadline to submit scholarship offers is MAY 2ND.

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Reminder to Senior Families - Complete the FAFSA (if college bound)

If your senior is planning to attend college after high school graduation, he or she must complete the FAFSA form. Many colleges, both in-state and out of state, set priority deadlines by which students must submit the FAFSA form to be considered for financial aid.

** If your senior is eligible for the HOPE or Zell Miller Scholarship, he or she must complete the FAFSA form. **

If your senior has not completed the FAFSA form, our Georgia Student Finance Commission (GSFC) rep, Marcus Hilliard, provided helpful guides for you and your senior to navigate the FAFSA completion process (see below). Mr. Hilliard is very knowledgeable about the HOPE and Zell Miller scholarship program, the FAFSA, the cost of attendance for college, the GAfutures website, and more. If you have specific questions regarding your student's situation, you can schedule a 30-minute phone consultation with Mr. Hilliard by clicking HERE.
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Applerouth Webinar Opportunities

The following webinars are FREE and sponsored by Applerouth. To attend their webinars, you must create an account on their website.

College Admissions Testing in 2022

May 9 at 8:00 PM EST (online)

About this event: The world of college admissions has changed rapidly in the last year. As colleges conclude another full year of pandemic admissions, we know more than ever about what these changes mean for students. Join us for the latest updates and answers to your most pressing questions, including:

  • Why have the admissions rates at selective colleges gone down this year?
  • What does "test-optional" mean for my student? Will colleges remain test-optional?
  • How will submitting test scores (or not) affect my student's admissions chances?
  • What role do grades and course selection play in admissions now?

Click HERE to register

Supercharge your EF (Executive Functioning) Skills for Your Upcoming Finals

May 10 at 8:00 PM EST (online)

About this event: We want your students to do well on their upcoming finals and finish the school year strong. But our students face many challenges. They have to stay on top of homework and assignments, fend off procrastination and feelings of overwhelm, manage distractions, anxieties, and stay motivated. Join Dr. Applerouth to learn how you can help your student develop the skills & self-regulatory techniques that will help them shine on their upcoming finals and for years to come.

Click HERE to register

How to Achieve School/Life Balance

May 17 at 8:00 PM EST (online)

About this event: HS students need to find ways to succeed and enjoy their teen years. Join Dr. Applerouth for a talk on achievement and student mental health; and learn how high schoolers can make smart choices about classes and activities, balance social and academic life, manage anxiety, and more.

Click HERE to register

Path to College: Class of 2024

May 18 at 8:00 PM EST (online)

About this event: Our guest experts will show you how to navigate the college admissions process with confidence. In this session, we will discuss:

  • Setting academic and personal goals
  • Exploring your interests
  • Planning for a meaningful summer
  • Starting your college search

Click HERE to register

Tips from Recent College Applicants

May 19 at 8:00 PM EST (online)

About this event: What if you could apply to college with all the wisdom and benefits of hindsight? Now you can! Join our panel of recent college applicants to find out what they learned along the way. You will get tips for a more successful, fun, and less stressful admissions journey.

Click HERE to register

What Parents Can Do to Help with College Essays

May 24 at 8:00 PM EST (online)

About this event: The college essay is all about reflection. But most students don't know how to reflect, or where to start. The good news: parents can help! Join the guest speakers to learn what you need to do NOW to get your child started while maintaining peace in the house.

Click HERE to register

NOTE: If you have specific questions about their webinars, please contact Applerouth directly.

GAfutures Webinar Opportunities

The following webinars are FREE and sponsored by the Georgia Student Finance Commission (GSFC). To attend their webinars, you must register in advance. Details for each event are listed below.

Is Your Financial Aid Ready?

May 5 at 5:00 PM EST (online)

Description: The GSFC will discuss how to know whether or not your financial aid is ready.

Click HERE to register

How to Prepare to Live on Campus

June 9 at 5:00 PM EST (online)

Description: Preparing students to live on campus while in college

Click HERE to register

NOTE: If you have specific questions about their webinars, please contact GAfutures directly.

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Articles & Resources

USG to Offer Temporary Option for Fall 2022 Admission

The University System of Georgia (USG) will temporarily waive test score requirements for Fall '22 admission at 23 of the 26 USG institutions effective March 18. The waiver does NOT include applicants to GA Tech, UGA, or GA College & State Univ.

Caring For Your Mental Health

Self-care is essential for your overall health and quality of life.

Emotional Wellness Toolkit

How you feel can affect your ability to carry out everyday activities, your relationships, and your overall mental health. Emotional wellness is the ability to successfully handle life’s stresses and adapt to change and difficult times.

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