Night of The Twisters

By: Ivy Ruckman


Dan Hatch

Linda Hatch

John Hatch

Ryan Hatch

Arthur Darlington

Stacey Darlington

Ronnie Vae Darlington

Aunt Goldie

Belle Smiley

Grandma Hatch

Grandpa Hatch

Problem and Solution

1. Officer Kelly gets glass in his eyes. Dan has to drive.

2. Belle Smiley gets stuck in the basement. Dan, Arthur, and Stacey have to help Smiley out of the basement.


The setting is Grand Island, Nebraska. The capitol of Nebraska is Lincon. One famous landmark is the Chimney Rock. Nebraska is in the Midwest reigon.


Dan's worst black letter day was The Night of The Twisters. It was like any normal day, Dan and Arthur were hanging out. When all the sudden it got windy so Dan and Arthur went to Dan's house and Dan invited Arthur over for a sleep over. As soon as Arthur's mom said yes the boys settled in on the couch to watch T.V. then Dan's mom, Linda said she was going to check on Mrs.Smiley. So the boys were home with Ryan the baby that is when the first twister happened. The boys heard the tornado sirens once. The boys didn't really care. The second time the power went out when the sirens blared. That's when the boys freaked out. Dan went to get Ryan and Arthur went to the basement to grab the flashlight. Dan and Ryan got tangled in Ryan's mobile but Dan got Ryan and himself untangled in time. They went to the basement and a few seconds after they got to the basement the tornado hit. The drains made sucking noises, things fell on there heads. Then, after the tornado hit it started to rain. Then it started to hail! Since it started to flood they found a way out of the basement with Stacey's help. Then they found Dan's mom and got Mrs.Smiley out of her basement. Then Dan, Arthur, and Stacey had to sleep in a jail cell. In the morning Dan and his family got reunited.